An Unfortunate Event

This is a joke my Uncle used to tell. I thought I’d post it here for hilarity. (Or public ridicule)

(As you might see there are visual aids to this joke. Click the links and it should open in a new window)

A man was driving down a small suburban road when a small cat darted out into the street in front of him. The man could not stop in time and he hit the cat. He noticed he was in front of a small home with toys in the yard. Heartbroken that he had killed some family’s cat he knew the only thing to do was to inform the family. He made his way up the walkway and rang the doorbell. A woman opened the door and he swallowed hard and continued. It was the right thing to do.

“Ma’am, I’m afraid I was driving down your street and I regret to inform you that I hit your cat with my car. It was an accident and I’m sorry.”

She took a deep breath and held up her hand “Wait wait. Before I get upset, what did the cat look like?”

The man thought for a moment of how to describe it and then he…

Click Here

The woman shook her head “No no no. What did the cat look like before you hit it?”

The man didn’t hesitate this time.

Click Here


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