The Proscenium Build

About a week ago myself and Paul Meacham started to build the single most impressive structure that I have ever built. For the upcoming The Woman in Black we had to build a proscenium arch because the play takes place in a theater. This proscenium arch is 16 feet tall and about 24 feet wide. The headpiece is 3 feet tall and rests on spindly 14 inch columns. When laid out on the floor on Day One it looked something like this:

Day One

Once we had the three pieces set up we set about decorating them. We used vacuform plastic for the columns and some of the more intricate detail work.

Columns Closeup

Column Head and Seal

Drama Masks

There was also some wood panelling done by cutting 1 X 3 in half


After the talented Jackie Perry had had a go at painting the pieces then it was time to put them up. We were to hoist the headpiece by this:

Two Eyehooks

After a consultation with my rigging handbook and a loan of equipment and muscle from my friend John Anderson, we were able to lift the headpiece on top of the columns and cable them in place.

Finished Product (sort of)

Godzilla View

Next we have some fake curtains to put up and a scrim. Here’s what they look like when they’re not up.


Scrim on the Floor

So there is still more to do but that will have to wait for a little more tailoring from Patricia Meacham and a little more painting from Jackie Perry. More to be posted later.

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  1. The Woman in Black (2012) | Steven Davis Says:

    […] I recently watched The Woman in Black.  I actually started my usual method of riffing comments as they pop into my head but that plan died about three minutes in.  I’m not saying that this movie is unriffable but it just seemed wrong after a while.  This movie was too well done to really make fun of.  I was actually really looking forward to seeing this movie because way back in the day I actually designed lights, sound and helped build the set for a stage production of The Woman in Black.  (Most long time readers won’t remember this) […]


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