I have an admission to make. I love Harry Potter.  There are many reasons why I am a little… hesitant to admit this.  For three years I campaigned against the Harry Potter series.  I never was one of the crusaders that believed it was satanic.  I was part of the group that thought that since it is popular it’s crap.  Also the first movie was absolutely wretched. And why hadn’t Lord of the Rings been a topic of public conversation?  This Rowling woman couldn’t be be better than Tolkien. No way.

Well, I still think she isn’t.  However, after I saw the movie version of The Goblet of Fire I started to really get it.  I delved into the mythos… down the fanboy rabbit hole I usually frequent.  I was sucked in after an hour of research.  I read The Prisoner of Azkaban and gave up hope of escaping.  I embraced it instead.  Then I watched The Order of the Phoenix and resolved to read all of the books before reading the last one.  I read or listened to The Prisoner of Azkaban, The Goblet of Fire, The Half-Blood Prince, The Order of the Phoenix, The Chamber of Secrets and finally the Deathly Hallows.  It’s all pretty good. And yes I did read them out of order. I also saw the movies out of order.

It’s true that I like the magic and fantasy of it. But even better than that is the relations between the characters and the way that magic is treated often as an everyday occurence.  The Wizarding World, as it’s called, is plagued with a lot of the problems we all have. They have the O.W.L.s which are like our S.A.T.s, they have beauracracy and stupid politicians, they have terrorists and laws.  I often thought that if I had magic powers things would be easier but perhaps I’m better off just dreaming about it.

I urge people to get over themselves and check this out. This is not a book just for kids. I’m 25 and I enjoy it. I know a 50 year old who loves it so age means nothing.  My favorite characters are the twins Fred and George Weasely who are very much like the jokers and goofballs I end up being friends with. I can recount a history of these types of people.

Anyway. Read a book!

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