Dice Master

The Dice Master
Davis I. Erikson

From the CCPD files. A narrative compiled from police records, interviews and psychologist sessions. For police eyes only.

Born into a broken home, Davis never had much to call his own.  One of the things he did have was board games.  Having no friends, he spent hour after hour and day after day playing game by himself inside.  He became obsessed with the dice and the chances they represented.  Had the cosmic dice been thrown better his fate would have been different. His life would have been better.  The isolation and the other kids’ teasing drove him to his wits’ end.

He saw college as his way out, a way to recast the dice.  He rigged a scholarship to Conway University and joined the engineering department. He excelled in all subjects, especially mathematics and the sciences.  He poured himself into his work becoming an expert in electronics and proving himself to be a brilliant student.  He maintained the same anti-social behavior he had exhibited through his childhood.

His personality problems kept the job offers at bay which Erikson perceived as another slight against him in the grand conspiracy to keep him down.  It is unclear what event was the breaking point but it is believed that one of this rejections broke Erikson’s sense of right and wrong.  He reasoned if life wouldn’t let him have a new start, to re-roll so to speak, he would take the chance himself.  He turned to a life of crime.

Using dice-themed weapons and gadgets he started by engaging in petty theft and and assault.  He used those funds to assemble a power base and rise in stature within the criminal fraternity.  He is now a fairly competent criminal and should be considered armed and dangerous.

(Dice Master and all Impact Comics characters belong to me. So hands off, thieves. Copyright 2008)

(Look for a tale featuring Dice Master soon!)

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