Christmas is Coming!

Christmas is Coming!

I love Christmas.  I really do.  I know this must be a shocking confession.  I’ll give you a moment to adjust.  Okay, moment over.  I’ve loved Christmas all of my life.  However, the love hasn’t been continuous. 

When I was a kid I loved Christmas like any other child of my ilk.  I mean what Christian-raised kid didn’t bounce off  the walls thinking about Santa coming?  It was hard to sleep on Christmas Eve and I mean incredibly hard.  Even if it was Santa it was still a strange man set to enter my house.  Clearly my quirky paranoia developed at an early age and let’s face it, the Santa thing is a bit of a weird social custom.

Like most teenagers I went through a rebellious phase where I could barely stand my folks.  So as you can imagine Christmas and other family-oriented holidays were needlessly rough around the edges.  As you can imagine I’m also regretful about those times.  Around then Christmassy stuff like carols and decorations would annoy me.  However it would really only annoy me if I saw or heard it before the last week of December.  I can’t tell you why because I don’t really know why.  Perhaps it was part of a Christmas metamorphosis. 

At any rate, I believe it was Christmas ’03 when the magic of the holidays finally reemerged inside of me.  I was studying at Rutgers and the trials and tribulations of being a theater major were taking their toll.  Christmas was closing in and I was too tired to get excited about it.  It was some dim break off in the future somewhere that didn’t feel real yet.  However, as part of our Stage Management class our teacher invited us to attend A Christmas Carol at Madison Square Garden.  I took a train up to the city and stepping out of Penn Station at any point in December is magical.  New York City does Christmas up right.  I started to get a little excited.  Then the curtain rose on the show and I could not stop smiling.  I even saw it a second time that day. (Hey, it was free so why not?)  From then on I think I resolved to embrace Christmas. Afterall Christmas is about being nice, having fun and being of good cheer. Why not, right? Why not, indeed.

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One Response to “Christmas is Coming!”

  1. temporalparadox Says:

    Try on Holland’s Santa Claus myth for nightmares.


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