SCA Admiral King Mengi

[Short note of explanation: I play a game called Star Pirates which I referenced directly in an early post. The character I’ve developed is an Admiral but also scatterbrained and basically a bad stand-up comedian. This is to celebrate the rechristening of our two fleets. Enjoy]

King Mengi looked out at the stars as the Palace of Wisdom orbited Jupiter, the current base of the StarCon Reserves. He pulled the bandages slowly from his ribs without even wincing. That last war had been tough. The computer blipped to life.

“Mr. Mengi..” G.R.O.U.C.H.O. chimed.

“My father was Mr. Mengi, call me King.” Mengi answered.

“Sir, that doesn’t make sense”

“You don’t make sense.” He tossed the bandages aside and stretched before reaching for his shirt.

“Sir, if I may… it’s unwise to wrap broken ribs. 20th century doctors found that you just might puncture a lung”

“Very true. Who said my ribs were broken?”

“Well, I just assumed with the bandages and such”

“I was trying to be dramatic. And now you’ve ruined it.” Mengi said with a sigh.

“Sorry, King.”

Mengi stared rooting through a trunk in the corner that was marked with the seal of his house.

“Groucho, state of my world?”

The computer made a whirring sound as it thought. “You’re an Admiral of the SCA, formerly of the Terran Astry before Starslip Drives were outlawed. You command the Palace of Wisdom, medium-sized as ships go”

“Hey, don’t insult the ship” Mengi said with a warning gesture. That ship had cost him all his savings and more. Nobody was allowed to insult it.

“Of course not. You’re currently managing the newly created StarCon Reserves and doing a bang-up job.”

“Flattery will get you everywhere” He said with a smirk.

“And you’re the king of –”

“That’s enough. I’m ready”

“For what, King?”

Mengi stood in full uniform, heroically posing with the stars as his background

“No idea!”


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