Royal Casino

(Written in IRC and thus contains timestamps and a response from Swashtech and TP)

I heard a lot of people raving about Casion Royale (2006) when it came out. I didn’t think that much about it at the time because there’s always a lot of hoopla surrounding a Bond movie. They’re blockbusters after all. I hadn’t heard of Daniel Craig who was kind of an unknown at the time. At least he was to me.

I told myself I would get around to watching the movie eventually. Finally, I sat down and watched the movie the other night on my laptop. I got a little snarky but I liked the movie quite a bit and I do recommend it.

(12:28:41 AM) KingMengi: Apparently this torrent is in black and white
(12:30:00 AM) KingMengi: Ok there’s some color
(12:30:20 AM) KingMengi: Well… many colors now
(12:30:42 AM) KingMengi: I don’t know how many drugs you have to take to come up with a Bond title sequence
(12:30:49 AM) KingMengi: A lot is my guess
(12:31:22 AM) Swashtech: I think Casino Royale had one of the best Bond opening songs ever.
(12:31:34 AM) KingMengi: It’s a fairly good song. Trippy but good.
(12:32:34 AM) KingMengi: Bond is ambushing people from behind the maths
(12:33:15 AM) KingMengi: Definitely shouting “YOU KNOW MY NAAAME!” over and over
(12:35:57 AM) KingMengi: Good times
(12:36:11 AM) KingMengi: Mongoose vs. Snake III… this time it’s personal!
(12:36:55 AM) KingMengi: And somebody just got a text message from a grouping of punctuation marks
(12:38:55 AM) KingMengi: When you dropkick somebody off a construction site they really get dropkicked
(12:40:16 AM) KingMengi: Out of bullets. Time to use Crane Style… on a crane
(12:41:15 AM) KingMengi: It’s true… white man can’t jump
(12:47:09 AM) KingMengi: Did he just say “weeping blood”?
(12:48:11 AM) KingMengi: “Christ, I miss the Cold War!”
(12:54:25 AM) KingMengi: …and Bond is now into grand theft auto
(12:57:52 AM) KingMengi: Random horse
(12:57:58 AM) KingMengi: with random girl
(12:58:42 AM) KingMengi: M is so hilariously exasperated all the time
(1:01:03 AM) Swashtech: It’s cause Judi Dench is too old. :P
(1:01:58 AM) KingMengi: I don’t think so. I think she’s awesome.
(1:02:15 AM) KingMengi: And Bond bankrupts the bad guy… movie over?
(1:02:31 AM) TemporalParadox: oh, no. not at all.
(1:02:44 AM) KingMengi: Yeah it’s only 35 minutes in
(1:03:05 AM) KingMengi: And Bond hasn’t gotten laid yet
(1:04:44 AM) KingMengi: God, Bond goes after slutty women
(1:05:42 AM) KingMengi: Bond is all “Let me get up in them guts” and the girl is like “Well, I’m married but ok”
(1:06:42 AM) KingMengi: Bond is a slut
(1:08:07 AM) KingMengi: Oh dude! Body Worlds! Best exhibit ever!
(1:09:36 AM) KingMengi: Still chasing that elusive set of punctuation marks
(1:19:27 AM) KingMengi: Wow… this truck scene is on par with the Raiders truck scene
(1:23:21 AM) KingMengi: Judi Dench had him tagged… thankfully not bagged
(1:27:49 AM) KingMengi: “James Bond, you’ve emotionally wounded me. Take me to bed now”
(1:29:24 AM) KingMengi: A woman delayed in going to bed with him? WTF?
(1:30:13 AM) KingMengi: Stephanie Broadchester hah!
(1:35:13 AM) KingMengi: And the prize for snarkiest Bond girl goes to…
(1:38:13 AM) KingMengi: Movie only half over… feels like it should almost be done
(1:41:57 AM) KingMengi: The villain has asthma?
(1:51:28 AM) KingMengi: Lady Macbeth reference
(1:51:36 AM) KingMengi: segued into seduction
(1:54:37 AM) KingMengi: Not since Maverick has Poker been so cinematic
(2:00:07 AM) KingMengi: America: We’re effing rich

(Note: This is where it got so awesome that I forgot to be snarky)

(2:31:29 AM) KingMengi: And the movie’s still going past 2 hours
(2:43:12 AM) KingMengi: Ok.. there’s CPR and there’s frenching a dead girl… they’re not the same thing
(2:47:30 AM) KingMengi: lol… that’s the best ending
(2:47:40 AM) KingMengi: Of any Bond movie ever.
(2:48:48 AM) KingMengi: “Mr. White? We need to talk” *Shot in leg*
(2:49:09 AM) KingMengi: It sure beats the pants off the Christmas Jones ending

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One Response to “Royal Casino”

  1. john Says:

    good movie. lots of good lines, good scenes


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