Heavyweight Title Pt. 1

<This is the first part in an attempt to write a wrestling match for my fake wrestling company High Power Wrestling.  A classic battle between rich arrogance and middle class heart.   If you care to read more of my Pro-wrestling ramblings you’ll learn more about the feud between these two in the next segment.  Enjoy>

The crowd cheered as a loud wolf’s howl filled the arena followed by the familiar strains of Ozzy Ozborne’s “Never Gonna Stop” sounding through the speakers throughout the building. Mike and Fairy burst through the curtain and paused at the top of the ramp to look out over the crowd in attendance. The crowd started to chant “Wolf! Wolf! Wolf!” in unison and Mike saluted the crowd, raising his fist in the air as he and Fairy smiled big at their fans in gratitude.

Then Mike looked determinedly at the ring and they started down the ramp. Usually they would both be high fiving their fans and smiling but the atmosphere was too tense. Sarah “Fairy” Wolfe had the HPW women’s title hung over her shoulder as she walked next to her husband, showing their earlier success when she retained the title. She had been through a hell of a battle but now the pressure was on Mike in this main event.

He helped his wife up the stairs and through the ropes and into the ring. They each climbed up a turnbuckle and posed for the audience, the crowd’s volume rising back to that initial roar. They switched turnbuckles, shooting each other a smile as they passed midway between them. Up on his turnbuckle, Mike made the sign of the belt to the audience and they cheered hard again at the prospect of Mike winning the heavyweight title.

The two of them were that way when “Money” by Pink Floyd hit the speakers and Miller Sinclair showed up at the top of the ramp with his assistant Diane Covington in tow. He wore a huge confident grin as he slapped the face of the championship belt he wore around his waist. He and Diana gave the crowd and the ring the same contemptuous smirk as they walked down the ramp towards the ring. Mike and Fairy hopped down from their turnbuckles and turned to face Mike’s opponent together. Fairy turned to say a few words to her husband but Mike’s eyes remained locked on Miller.

The lights came up in the ring as Miller stepped into the ring and called for a microphone. He smirked at Mike and then pointed at the belt around his waist.

“Get a good look at this belt, Wolf, get a really good look at it because this is the very last time that you’re going to see it.” Miller gloated.

Before he could say another word, Mike snatched the microphone out of Miller’s hand, causing that self-important smirk to fade into an icy glare.

“I didn’t come here to talk, Miller, I came to fight.” Mike said.  Mike then tossed the mic out of the ring.

The refferee got the ladies to exit the ring as Miller unhooked the championship belt and handed it off to a ringside official. The two opponents turned to face each other and the bell rang, signifying the start of the match.

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