My Music Collection 3

Depression is a hell of a thing.   I have had my bouts of depression through the years and it can be devastating.  Here is a selection of songs that I listened to during my last depression and make me feel somewhat better.  You’ll notice that none of the songs are particularly slow as I generally can’t stand slow songs which goes double when I’m depressed.  Remember: Deppresion Lies.


Overkill – Colin Hay

This song so perfectly encapsulates my years of insomnia.  In fact, even small bouts of depression usually give me insomnia.  The melody is haunting while still being upbeat enough and the lyrics are perfect.  “Especially at night/ I worry over situations/ I know I’ll be alright/ Perhaps it’s just imagination.


Shop Vac – Jonothan Coulton

This song is full of the ennui of a boring, hopeless life.  Specifically, it speaks of life in the suburbs and there being nothing really to do.  I experienced this in rural New Jersey for long periods of time


Prozzak – Sucks to be You

This song speaks of suddenly realizing what a gigantic asshole you were.  I’ve struggled with being an asshole for a long time and each day I try to be better.  I try to control myself and actively work to be happier and nicer.


Cassie – Flyleaf

The song is about the Columbine massacre but when I first heard the song I didn’t really listen to the lyrics.  The song just really reflected how I felt inside at the time.  Besides that, there’s a part where the singer screams “I will say NO!” which was always therapeutic to sing along with.


Simple and Clean – Utada Hikari

I learned of this song while playing the video game Kingdom Hearts.  Kingdom Hearts became a comfort and I beat the game over and over and over.  However, the first time I beat it, I remember tearing up at the ending.  Especially the image of Sora and Kari nearly getting back together before being separated.

If you are suffering from depression you need to get help.  You need to try to realize that there is a voice that is telling you that you’re no good, that your situation is hopeless.  You need to realize that this voice is lying.  Get professional help.  Tell somebody.  Next post will be happier.


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