By Walter Russo

BALTIMORE CITY, Md. – As the seasons change, many citizens of Baltimore find themselves weak for a few days and sometimes they even have to take a day off from work. Many attribute this to influenza but the truth is just as simple if a little less obvious to the uninformed.

The change in seasons means the days get shorter but also the nights get longer.  This makes autumn and winter perfect times for vampires to prey on humans.  Vampires fear the sun but can leave the shadows even before full darkness which is a time when many people are commuting.  Those suffering from a full workday are often tired and more vulnerable to a possible vampire attack.

There was no comment from the office of Mayor Rawlings-Blake at the time this story went to print.  There was also no comment from the office of Police Commissioner Batts.  In fact, there was no comment from any official when questioned about this rash of supernatural threats.

This is just another cover-up that this reporter will do everything to uncover.  More news as this story develops.

(This post is, of course, fictional. As far as I know, there is no such thing as weretigers and this is just a fun writing experiment. Look for the further adventures of Walter Russo in later blog posts.)

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