Phillip Brooks

(This is a character for yet another campaign I’m playing. It is called PlanetFall and the setting is courtesy of my friend Jim and his business partners)

In a far-flung possible future of mankind, a prophet built a spaceship to save as many people as he could from a calamity he foresaw.  Around thirty thousand years later, humanity lives on large spaceships.  In this future, the government gets rid of criminals and political enemies by abducting them from society.  They are the Fallen.  Mankind survives by forcefully harvesting resources from planets.  Afterwards, they deposit the Fallen on these harvested planets.
Phillip Brooks was born on the Roland and was raised by his family to be faithful and dedicated to walking the correct path.  As he grew up, it was clear he would be the spitting image of his father who had died when Phil was five.  His mother never really explained to Phil or his sister how their father had died.  Like his father, Phil grew up to be big and strong but also smart.  When their mother died, Phil took care of himself and his sister.

Phil spent his days working on repair detail which was a job he started as soon as he was of working age.  The job made sense as he had been interested in fixing things and engineering since he was 5 years old.  His boss, Mr. Cruz had taught him a lot more about electronics, fabrication and engineering.  However, the job didn’t cover the bills.  It wasn’t really anybody’s fault.  Times were tough.

Phil looked around for a solution to his problem.  He only did he need to support himself; he had to support his family.  He had always walked the straight and narrow but a friend at work had such an offer he couldn’t refuse.  Well, he refused it a couple of times but finally he thought of his niece going hungry.  He went with his friend to the dark places of the Roland.

Phil made the rest of the money in underground fights under the name of Rowan Daniels.  He spent his time at his day job, covered in bruises and scars and looking forward to his next fight.  Even in the fights he kept the faith, wearing a small holy symbol clipped to his belt.

This life all ended when the law raided one of the fights.  His opponent knocked him out in the confusion in order to create a distraction to get away.  Now, Rowan Daniels is dead, long live Phillip Brooks.

Phil leaves behind a younger sister and a niece he had been providing for.  What will become of them now that he’s gone?  He will miss his friends when he has time to think about them.  The life he lost wasn’t the best life but it was his.  Maybe he had been happier than he thought.

Now that he has fallen, he feels guilty about his acquired fighting skills and isn’t eager to fight again.  This doesn’t mean that he won’t use those skills to survive and help those around him to survive.  He doesn’t blame the church because he believes that it is his fault that he fell.  Now that he finds himself so far from home, he resolves to use the skills that he took for granted.  Maybe he can help fix things.

Following the revelation that planet X2945 is inhabited by sentient beings, Phil’s world has been shaken.  He always suspected something was amiss when he was fixing what looked like weapons damage on ships.  If there hadn’t been a war in ages, why was there weapon damage?  He had dropped that line of thinking when Mr. Cruz had told him to stop asking questions.

Now he knows for sure that their government had been murdering these people.  He knows that his religion dictated the correct path.   His faith said be good to people and he believed in that above all.  Maybe the government had been forced to do what Phil had been forced to do and hurt people to preserve life.  He doesn’t know if this was the right thing or not.  With things on such an unsure footing, he will just have to do what he feels is right.

Still, with this new knowledge, he knows he will never return to the Roland.  There is no way they will let people up there who know the truth.


(An admission: The seeds for this character were Fix-it Felix from Wreck-it Ralph and CM Punk from the WWE.  I love that somebody much more grounded came out of that.)

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