Breaking Bad

I finally began to watch Breaking Bad about three weeks before the last episode.   I watched the interview with Bryan Cranston on the Colbert Report and heard Chris Hardwick raving about the show on the Nerdist podcast.  The way people were getting more and more passionate about the show made me finally want to take the plunge.  I am not as spolier-phobic as some of my friends and family are so I knew some of the kind of stuff I was in for.

To be honest, I have watched most of the episodes while playing Borderlands 2 since my ADD is often in full effect.  (Side note: Borderlands 2 is one of the best games I have ever played)  Still, I had to pause the game every so often because the show just captivated me.  So far, I have watched season 1 and 2.  I watched half of season 2 in one day.
My thoughts so far:

– I hate Skyler.  A lot.  This started from her first scene.  She is overbearing, selfish and just seems to be a horrible person.  That goes double for her sister Marie.

– At first, I hated Hank Schrader.  I think he was designed from his first appearance to be a blowhard.  He has evolved into so much more.  I have to sympathize with his panic attacks/anxiety disorder and he loves his family (including his screwed up wife).

– I really like Jesse Pinkman which is probably the consensus.  I like the idea of a screw up slowly trying to put his life in order.  Jesse is very real.

– Walter is becoming a horrible person but I find myself rooting for him nonetheless.  I think the fact that he is becoming a horrible person but he is becoming his own person.  He doesn’t want to get pushed around anymore.  I can understand that.

– I didn’t know that Bob Odenkirk is in this show.  He is so awesome in it.

– I loved Jane so much but she was just the wrong person at the wrong time.  Hated to see her go.

– John De Lancie!  Awesome!

– Looking forward to Season 3 but I need an emotional break from the show.  Breaking Bad is almost painful to watch.  I still really like it though.

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