Magical Girl Isabelle

(This is just a quick salute to magical girls that I wrote during two lunch hours at work.  I am a fan of Sailor Moon so that’s mostly where this came from)

Isabelle stood in front of the full-length mirror in her bedroom and examined herself.  The transformation had been pretty complete and more than a little unsettling.  She turned a little bit back and forth to get as good a look as she could.  She wasn’t sure which part shocked her the most.

Her hair was usually a light straw blonde and it only came down a little past her ears.  Now a light pink braid hung down past her waist and swung with each of her movements.  That would take some getting used to.  Her eyes, normally a dull green, seemed to suddenly be nearly fluorescent.  She looked and felt taller. She had gone from a petite five feet to what appeared to be about six feet tall.  She was suddenly a little more muscular too like a sports star or something.

She was wearing armor and that was certainly new.  The armor was forest green and it didn’t fully cover everywhere but enough to provide protection without being bulky.  The material was light but looked really durable.  It certainly didn’t feel like anything she was familiar with.  She tested her movement a little more and, except for where it pressed to her skin, it hardly felt like she was wearing armor at all.  In fact, she felt like she was ready to run a marathon.

Isa tugged a little on her new pink braid just in case it was a fake and somebody had played a prank on her.  All she remembered was picking up that locket off of her bedroom floor and then there was a bright light and then suddenly she was like this.  Everything felt real but this was definitely surreal.  She decided to look in the mirror again. She was starting to worry that she was losing her mind.

She looked in the mirror again but the first thing that caught her eye this time was the locket.  It was around her neck now and she didn’t even remember putting it on.  Her fingers reached for the locket.  Her heart was hammering against her chest.  She hesitated at the last moment. What would she turn into if she touched that locket again?  In a few moments, fear turned to curiosity and determination. She touched the locket.

Instantly the room was filled with blinding light and she was lifted off of her feet, floating in the air.  She blinked with surprise as she felt the armor change back into the jeans and t-shirt she had been wearing earlier.  She felt the pressure of her new pink braid leaving her back and reached up and her hair was short again.  After a moment she was back on her feet on the ground.  She looked in the mirror and she was back to her short, geeky self again.

Isa breathed a sigh of relief and found herself speaking aloud with a shaky voice.
“What in the world was that?”

A voice spoke up from behind her
“That was a transformation spell built into an everyday locket. Unfortunately, that means you’re the chosen one.”

Isa whirled, enraged by that last comment. “Unfortunately!?” And then she stopped short as she spotted the ferret on her bed. “Wait who said that?”

“I did.” The ferret said.

“But you’re a ferret. Why is this happening to me?”

“It’s happening because you are the chosen one.”
“Great, I’ve been chosen by a ferret. I think there must be a gas leak or something.”

“Actually, you were chosen by the locket. I would have chosen somebody way better.”
If ferrets can smirk, this ferret was smirking.

“You know what? Screw you.  No wait, can you actually choose somebody else? I don’t know what this locket wants, but I don’t want any of it.” She went to tug the thing off of her but it wouldn’t budge.

“I wish. That locket wants you and it wants you to fight evil.”

“Fight evil?  What are we, in a Saturday morning cartoon?” She turned and looked in the mirror again. “It really looks like we’re in a cartoon.”

The ferret managed to sigh. “This isn’t a game. There are forces moving on your planet that will mean the end of everything. All of those forces will be coming after you first. Your only hope is training the magical powers that you now have to take them all out and save the Earth.”

Isabelle turned back to look at the ferret, taking in everything he had said. She took a deep breath before answering. “Ok, let’s train.”

The ferret suddenly stood on its hind legs. “What!? Just like that?”

Isabelle smiled and shrugged. “The way I think about it, this is probably only a dream. I might as well enjoy having superpowers until I wake up. If it’s somehow not a dream, I can’t take the stupid locket off. So if I have to, I guess I’ll come with you.”

The ferret sighed and scampered up on her shoulder. “It’s no honor and duty but it will have to do. Let’s go.”


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