The Wolves Debut

Lately, I thought I would try my hand at writing bits of professional wrestling story lines.  Here is the first one without much comment.  Maybe more comment later.  These characters are created by me.  The story line is similar to many in pro-wrestling’s history.

             *                                         *                                              *

<As Jason Hawke and Gabriel Leo walk backstage, they are approached by Michelle Ross for an interview>

Michelle: Gentlemen, your long journey is over.  You won the championship last Sunday at the 3rd Anniversary show.  How does it feel to finally get the recognition for all that hard work?

Hawk: When I was a kid here in Chicago.  In a little area called McKinley Park, you might know it?  It was my dream to win this belt <Holding the belt up> and I’m glad I found the right guy to go to war beside.  <He clinked his belt against Gabriel’s belt>  It feels good. It feels amazing, Michelle.  Really, my mind is blown but I’m gonna have to disagree with you a little.

Michelle: Oh?

Hawk: You asked what it’s like to finally get the recognition.  We always got that from all those fans out there.  We’ve got all the people who cheered us and hell, all the people who booed us.  These belts are dedicated to them.

Gabriel: I heard that, Hawk. It’s all about the fans out there and what’s in here. <He pats his fist against his chest>  It’s all about Work Hard, Play Hard.  We’re going to work hard against the Darkness again tonight and then we’re gonna hit the town and play hard after.   We’re going to defend these belts for a long, long time.  There are a lot of good teams out there but we’re a great team.

Michelle: So what are you two going to do now?

<Before either of them could answer, Adam Wolf walks up with a smirk on his face>

Adam: Congratulations, boys.  Well. Done.  Hail, hail the conquering heroes.  <All without much enthusiasm or sincerity in his voice>  What are they going to do now, Michelle?  They’re going to bleed all over that ring and then get taken to the hospital. <His happy expression went dark>

Hawk: What? What the hell’s wrong with you?  Get the hell out of here.

Leo: Can’t you count, Adam? <Points to himself and Hawke>  Two on one.  You used to be cool.

Adam: Yeah I can count.  We’ll have to see how you feel about the numbers later.

<Hawk, Gabriel and Michelle showed their confusion as Adam walks away without further comment>

Announcer 1: That was Adam Wolf. It looks like his arm has healed.

Announcer 2: Good to see the the Lone Wolf back in fighting shape.

Announcer 1: But, what do you think he meant by what he said?

Announcer 2: You know, I have a bad feeling that we’ll find out sooner than later.

Announcer 1: I have a bad feeling that you’re right.

             *                                         *                                              *

<Leo and Hawke’s music hits and they make their way to the ring.  A few moments after they have finished posing on the turnbuckles the big screen comes to life.  On the screen a shaky camera shows the Darkness unconscious and lying on the floor.  The camera holds on the image before being dropped, showing briefly the angle from the floor before being cut off.  This is when a wolf’s howl rings out over the speakers and Alice in Chains’ “Hollow” starts up.  The music is unfamiliar.>

Announcer 2: What’s going on?

Announcer 1: That was the Darkness!  Somebody’s taken out the Darkness!

Announcer 2: And who’s coming out now!?

<Adam Wolf comes through the curtains and starts down the ramp.  Hawk and Leo are instantly on their guard and yelling at Adam although neither of them has a microphone.  However, Adam has a microphone and his music fades as he enters the ring>

Adam: It looks like your match is canceled, boys.  You can thank us later. You get to hold onto those belts for a little bit longer.

Announcer 1: Did he say ‘us’?

Adam: Calm down, gentlemen.  My gripe is not with you and it’s not with the Darkness.  My complaint is aimed at this company and all of you <He turns and points at the crowd>  I was World Heavyweight Champion.  I held my own belt that I fought hard to defend.  I never lost that belt.  That belt was taken from me when the Stormfront broke my arm.

<Michelle handed Hawke a microphone>

Hawke: Tough shit, Adam.  You win that belt back.  A real man doesn’t whine about his problems. He does something about them.

Adam: This *is* me doing something, Hawke.  It’s time to deliver a message.

<Two men jumped the barricade on the other side of the ring from Adam and slipped into the ring and attacked Hawk and Leo from behind. Michelle tried to slip out of the ring but a smallish blond girl slipped into the ring and grabbed her by her hair, pulling her in and hit her with a brainbuster>

Announcer 2: Oh my god! What… who are these people?  Wait, Michelle’s not even a wrestler!

Announcer 1: This is… this is… what’s going on?!

<The two men picked up Hawk and Gabriel.  Lucas Logan hoists Hawk onto his shoulders and drops backwards in a Reverse Samoan Drop.  Tavon Turner drives a knee into Gabriel’s face and then hoists him up and then down in a sit-out powerbomb.  Maggie sits on Michelle’s back and put her in a straight jacket submission and refused to let go>

Adam:  We are the Wolf Pack, the hunters in the woods.  <He pointed out his compatriots one by one> Lucas Logan. Tavon Turner. Maggie Sinclair.  People from different places but of a similar mindset with similar goals.

<The rest of the wolves kick at their targets, rolling them out of the ring and onto the floor>

Adam: We’re here to thin out the weak and the old.   Let’s face it, everybody back there is either weak or old.  Some of them are both. We will dominate this company and everybody will live in Fear. Of. Us.  Champions, your belts are ours.

Announcer 1: My God… this is too much
Announcer 2: We might want to get out of here, Bill.

Announcer 1: Call security. Somebody call security.  Call somebody!

<The Familiar music of Jimmy Knight fills the arena as he bolts toward the ring, brandishing a chair>

Announcer 1: Thank God, Jimmy’s here.

Announcer 2: The champ won’t give up this company without a fight.

<The wolves all clear the ring just as Jimmy slides in. Jimmy notices the wolves circling the ring instead of fleeing. They have the numbers game.  Lucas jumped up to the apron and Jimmy charges and swings but Lucas is already back to the floor so the chair just hits the ropes.  Adam has slipped into the ring directly behind Jimmy so that when Jimmy turns around he turns right into a spear from Adam>

Announcer 2: SPEAR!  Oh, we’re in trouble…

<As Adam talks, Lucas and Tavon pick Jimmy up and set the chair up in the middle of the ring>

Adam: As I was saying before.  This company is ours.  Those who resist will suffer.
The wolves come out at night so goodnight… and good luck.

<Adam grabs Jimmy and gives him the Wolfcry DDT on the seat of the steel chair.  The wolves look around a bit as their music hits.  A ton of security starts coming down the ramp and Adam orders the wolves into the crowd.  They all escape, leaving behind three battered wrestlers and one injured interviewer.>


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