My Entrance Theme

This is kind of a short post but it’s something I think of all the time.  I have been obsessed with thinking about what my entrance theme song would be if I were a pro-wrestler.  It is never going to happen but it’s a lot of fun to dream.  So I picked 5 heel (bad guy) themes and 5 face (good guy) themes.  These are in no particular order because I have a head cold and whatever.

Skillet – Hero

This one is more or less self-explanatory.  This is good for a straight up, honest-to-god hero face.

X-Cutioners ft Linkin Park – It’s Going Down

This music definitely says “Let’s Get This Started”.  It gets me fired up and definitely suits a determined face.  It’s a little hip hop but I don’t think it goes too deep with it.

Avatar – Let it Burn

The title says it all.  A destructive, screw-it-all heel who barely cares about the rules or the safety of others.  It would be really fun to just cut loose a little.

The Poodles – I Want It All

This would be if I was a really good face.  The music strikes me as inspirational and a pick me up in the vein of good Van Halen.  It’s a little slow but a little more epic.

Stone Pilots – Dead and Bloated 

I love singing along with this one in the car.  It just feels so angry and defiant.  I think it would be great for a self-righteous heel especially since the lyrics barely make sense.

Alice in Chains – Hollow

This song just burns with the sense of ‘I’ve got bad intentions’ or at the very least ‘I don’t care about you’.  Great for a heel with a dark cloud hanging over him.

Avenged Sevenfold – Scream

This song would be great for a psychotic heel.  I like the actual scream on the beginning of the track so this one wouldn’t even need much editing.

Devour the Day – Good Man

A struggling face might use this.  Just a guy trying so hard not to succumb to the strong temptation towards evil.  There might be a little too much religion in it for me but still good.

Charm City Devils – Unstoppable

Who doesn’t want to be unstoppable?  This song gets me fired up and earns bonus points for being from a local band.

Eighteen Visions  – Victims

This feels like a good song for a dirty, cocky heel.  By dirty I mean literally and also a rulebreaker.  There’s a little anger in it which feels really good.

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