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So You Want to Listen to D&D

March 10, 2014

So you want to hear some Dungeons and/or Dragons.  Yes you do.  Don’t lie to me.

I have been a fan of Dungeons and Dragons (and tabletop gaming) for a long time even though I could never get together with a group to play until recently.  I meet with some friends every other weekend to tabletop game but we do Sci-Fi games and not fantasy like  Dungeons and Dragons.  These games have been really fun and have taught me that the setting and system of the game do not matter more than the company you keep and the fun you have.   I also play Dungeons and Dragons on a forum which is fun too although it is an entirely different experience.

I thought I would share how I experienced tabletop gaming before I actually got to play it.  Before I played, I listened to it.  A lot.  Here follows a list of good Dungeons and Dragons adventures.   Some of them are older and some I have discovered this year.


1.  Penny Arcade/PVP’s Acquisitions Inc.

During the period where I was just really getting into the concept of podcasts, Wizards of the Coast teamed up with Penny Arcade to release a series of adventures using 4th edition D&D.  The group consists of Mike Krahulik, Jerry Holkins, Scott Kurtz and Wil Wheaton and you can expect silliness but there’s also a pretty good story that develops.   The stories are pretty straight forward without much weird stuff to throw you.  The dungeon master for most of their adventures is Chris Perkins who is an actual Wizards of the Coast R&D employee.  The exception to that is an adventure in the Dark Sun setting run by Jerry.

Here’s the Link.


2. The Wyrmwick Campaign

This one is incredibly silly but definitely has moments of good drama.  If nothing else, this campaign made me laugh so hard that I had to pause the podcast so that I could recover.  The dungeon master here is LordKat also known as Jason Pullara.  The story is intricate and includes crosses, double crosses, deities, transformation and epic stupidity.  Most of all, it actually contains great character arcs which I found fascinating.  This was played on LordKat’s live stream so the community had some influence on the goings on but that’s fine because Google has the same influence over our group’s regular games.

Here’s the Link.


3. Harmontown

Dan Harmon‘s Harmontown is a great podcast.  I discovered it a few months ago and I have been hooked by the ramblings of Community creator Dan Harmon’s ramblings alongside his loyal friends in front of an audience who get pulled up on stage often.   Most of the show is unplanned conversation between the folks on stage and the audience.  The reason I include this podcast on the list is that in the last fifteen to twenty minutes of each episode, they play D&D guided by their dedicated Dungeon Master Spencer Crittenden.   So if you’re interested in listening to drunk yet funny people play D&D click the link below.



4. Nerd Poker

As a fan of the new-ish run on Deadpool, I started to look up the writer Brian Posehn and found out that he has a D&D podcast.  I am only four episodes in but they are serious about their characters and story and it is very entertaining.  It helps that the game is run by a group of people who are used to each other and used to entertaining people.   So far the Dungeon Master Sark has definitely put together a strange adventure that should be a lot of fun to follow.  Each episode also includes a short but funny story from previous campaigns.



So that’s a selection that will give you hours of listening.  I continue to listen to Nerd Poker and LordKat just started up a new campaign after a long break.   I continue to poke around for good role-playing to listen to when I need a podcast to listen to.   So, if you’re interested, I definitely suggest you give these a listen.  If nothing else, you should find them interesting.


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