The Sword Pt 2

The Sword

The sword’s edge cut through three of the tin cans on the fence but it didn’t erupt into flame again like it had at the fairgrounds. I was disappointed but I looked around and everybody actually looked impressed though most were trying to hide it. Jealousy is a hell of a thing and it was part of why I had hid the sword since I found it. We had not talked much since the fair the night before but we had spent the night in the clubhouse to be safe. I know I felt safer with the Kings than with my family. I easily used the point of the blade to carve my initials into the fence post.

“Whoa, you’ll dull the blade, Ewan.” Ricky nearly yelled. He was short, bald and looked kind of like a bull mixed with a bulldog if that makes any sense. He was tough and usually our heavy but not last night.

“Yeah, you have to be careful with something that nice.” Jase said calmly. He was tall and thin and was almost always hungry. Though the Kings had no real leader, we usually followed him because his dad was in jail and he had the most street cred. Of course, it was only for stealing a car but this was Landon County.

“Relax guys. That thing looks pretty sharp. It’s probably not getting dull anytime soon.” Helen said. With a huge knife collection, Helen was our resident blade expert. She had shocking red hair out of a bottle and I knew for a fact that she could out arm wrestle most of our crew. She was the opposite of Katya, our more courtly member.

I turned and leaned on the fencepost and looked out at all of them and then I zeroed in on Helen. “What kind of sword is it anyway?”

“I’d say it was a arming sword which is from medieval times. Except it also has a wave in the blade like a Flamberge but that doesn’t make sense. It might be a transitional weapon between the two swords but those two styles are centuries apart so that doesn’t make much sense either.” Helen said casually, her eyes glued to the blade as it bobbed a little in my hand.

“And yet you get C’s and D’s in school.” Jase said with a smirk that earned him quite a mean look from Helen. “So what does that mean, exactly?”

“I don’t know. All I know is that it carves up shadow demons pretty well or aliens or dream eaters or whatever those things were.” Katya said, finally breaking her silence. She was still clutching the machine gun from the fair which made it stolen property. It was arguably the biggest item our little gang had stolen but it hadn’t been so hard. Between the chaos and the dark of night there had been perfect cover to get away from the fairgrounds and off to our little clubhouse in the very back of the dump. Katya had changed into a brilliant scarlet dress, probably to win back some of her good humor. It did not seem to be working yet.

“What were those things?” Ricky said, clenching his fists in a mix of emotions that definitely included fear and anger but also fleeting bits of more complicated things. I know how he felt, I still hadn’t settled on just one emotion myself but I wish I could. I knew that Ricky especially liked things simple but we all hated not know what was going on.

“The hell if I know.” I answered with a shrug. “I don’t know where the sword is from either. All I know is that it hurts them bad and they want it. It’s god damned magic or something and we have to hold onto it in case they come back. I don’t know if Katya and I took them all out or not.” Which was true. It had been dark and they were basically shadows so one of them could have slipped away to rat us out. That is, assuming there was somebody to rat us out to.

“Four people died at the fair.” Katya said in an uncharacteristically soft voice.

“We couldn’t have done anything about that.” I said. “Where was everybody else during the chaos?”

“We boarded up in the haunted house with a couple of other people. We jammed the doors shut with some spare parts we found. Sorry we weren’t there to back you up.” Jase said.

I sighed. “I was kind of mad at first but I really can’t blame you. If we weren’t so heavily armed, we probably would have hid too. At least, I would have.” I smirked and shot Katya a look which actually made her smile.

“I would have thought about hiding too. Those things were nasty.” She said with her usual regal flair.

“So bullets and flaming swords hurt these things. What else?” Ricky asked.

“I don’t know if you want to lay fists on these things, Ricky. Other than that, I hope we never have to find out.” I answered.

“So what’s the plan? We can’t hide out forever. Afterall, we’re the Kings of Landon and we’ve got shit to do.” Jase said.

“Let’s go search McCutcheon’s field for more magic stuff?” Helen suggested.

“That’s the first thing I’ve heard that makes sense today.” Jase said. “I say we gear up and make our way over there.”

“Yeah, I’m not as afraid of Farmer McCutcheon’s shotgun anymore.” Ricky said with a laugh

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