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Steven Segal

During the late eighties and early nineties, there was a glut of action movies that were cranked out at an enormous rate. With the advent of better technology for stunts and practical special effects, action movies got bigger and badder. These action movies and their stars were a little campy and very cheesy while simultaneously being pretty awesome. We got stuff like Die Hard, Total Recall, Universal Soldier, Escape from New York and Demolition Man and plenty of other loud popcorn movies. A lot of them weren’t masterpieces but a lot of us loved them for what they were anyway.

Along came Steven Segal, a truly prolific action star who operated for decades whether anybody wanted him to or not. To be fair, his movies always sold well even though a large percentage of them were released straight to home video. I was never really impressed with Steven Segal which I always assumed was a pretty widespread opinion. Segal is interesting because he is an authentic martial artist but his acting is wooden and the movies he starred in were never well written or directed. After that he got fatter and slower and never cut off that ridiculous looking ponytail. I hope that whatever I’m passionate about, I won’t be ok with coasting and putting out bad or mediocre work.

Steve Trevor

I have to be honest and say that I was not the biggest Wonder Woman reader growing up and even now I haven’t read much of any of her solo runs. I did like the character in several Justice League incarnations that I read through the years but when it came to Wonder Woman, I subscribed to strict gender roles. Wonder Woman was the heroine for girls and I was way more into Batman, The Flash and Green Lantern (at least on the DC side). I do have two Wonder Woman collections now and I loved her on Justice League Unlimted. I was excited about the potential Joss Whedon movie but now I’m cautiously optimistic about the potential new movie in the works. I’m a little wary because of how poorly they portrayed Lois Lane in Man of Steel.

Wonder Woman has been around for a long time since she was created by a psychologist with a few issues in the 40’s. Pretty early in her history, she was joined by Steve Trevor, a military liason to Diana since she was technically a foreign diplomat fighting crime or nazis alongside American forces. I’ve always been impressed by normal human characters who can legitimately hang with the superpowered characters. From what I saw, Steve always seemed to be impressed with Wonder Woman but was always there to do his duty, fighting right alongside her. Later they became romantically linked while still working together which is impressive in itself. Like Steve Trevor I’m definitely a fan of strong women and getting things done even if you’re working through disadvantages.

Steve Austin, the 6 million dollar man

Television was kind of tough when I was a little kid and I say that with full awareness that my generation had it pretty good when it came to television. However, like any generation, we were stuck between the new and shiny and the television our parents watched. The new and shiny was not always the best entertainment and while it was hard to connect to our parent’s shows, they weren’t always bad. Also, you tended to watch what everybody else wanted to watch especially if you have two brothers. I was lucky in that there was a lot of synchronization when it came to my brothers and I and our parents could be pretty agreeable as well. Our heroes were largely confined to Saturday Mornings while more mundane heroes like Andy Griffith or Lucille Ball took up primetime.

I don’t know who made the decision to watch The 6 Million Dollar Man but I remember being pretty fascinated with it. I was seeing a lot of things that I saw in comic books and cartoons being done by a live action hero. I got into the show and also The Bionic Woman in a way that I could never really get into The Incredible Hulk. The idea of two government agents being able to do all sorts of superhuman things in live action stunts was amazing. It wasn’t unprecedented but it was the most interesting at the time in my memory. (Although Green Hornet comes to mind now that I think about it) Steve Austin was a guy who didn’t quit and used bravery and bionics to save the day. I can’t really remember the plot since there was a lot of talking and that bored the hell out of me but I remember the stunt sequences and the combat.

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2 Responses to “This Week in Steves 7”

  1. Lise Mendel Says:

    Have you considered the A to Z Challenge? It’s a fun community blog project…


  2. Steven Davis Says:

    It’s funny you mention it. I just read your latest post and I’m looking into it right now.


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