I was born and raised in Baltimore and therefore, by default, I became a Baltimore Orioles fan. I attended games at Memorial Stadium with the dream in my heart that I would catch a foul ball. This was probably unlikely as I was a pretty weak kid who would more likely get taken out by the stray ball. Still, I attended endless games in all sorts of weather at Memorial Stadium which the only stadium I’ve been to with seats behind pillars. Still, it was fun to sit in the stadium and listen to the voices on WBAL call the action. I don’t remember the losses or the wins from back in those days but let’s be fair, they were mostly losses.

Later on I forsook Soccer and became a Little Leaguer, a tradition as American as apple pie, I guess. I was part of The Eagles, the Bluebirds and the Toppers (wat?) the last of which had a better record than the Orioles at the time. The Toppers was actually the one time in my life that I was part of an actual sports achievement when we got into the playoffs. I liked playing baseball for a while but that eventually wore off. I started to hope that it would rain or the other team couldn’t field enough players. Then I started to hope our team couldn’t field enough players. Eventually, I stopped having to play baseball.

During this time I got to go to a lot of free Baysox games after the Orioles transitioned down to Camden Yards. I also got caught up in the excitement of Cal Ripken breaking his now famous record. It seemed like all you could see in my hometown and deep-seated city pride had more to do with my excitement than the actual record itself. That’s not to say I didn’t watch a lot of baseball but it was hard to get too excited about things when the Orioles were still losing a lot. Eventually I got bored and the Orioles were just something that clogged traffic up. Although, if you asked me at the time, I would still claim to be a fan.

I’m just not really a sports fan. I’ll wholeheartedly tout my team as the one true team but I will also turn around and not watch too many games. Baseball is kind of boring or at least that’s how I remember it. I remember spending endless hours in right field that will probably forever color my perception of the sport. I also played catcher and third base which were much more exciting but they had less impression on me. I think it’s really the length of the game that gets to me. There is no time limit to a baseball game and sometimes they tend to drag. Of course, the more people you’re watching with the more fun you have but that’s because I’m focusing less and less on the game and more on my companions.

For the third year in a row I have decided to compete in a fantasy baseball league. I’m greatly outmatched on studying statistics and knowing the players but I do my best. Having a personal connection to the players does draw me closer to the game. I will probably still not watch too many games.

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3 Responses to “Baseball”

  1. Lise Mendel Says:

    There are some people in your fantasy league who might outmatch the pros in studying the stats. Others… not so much.

    Oh, and I remember those seats behind columns in Memorial. It was one of those ‘what were they thinking’ things.


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