Derek Porter

<A spotlight hits the top of the ramp and unfamiliar music starts up as moving lights start to sweep around the audience, the ramp and the ring.>

Tom Harper: Who’s music is that? We didn’t have any new guys scheduled for tonight. Rachel! You usually know what’s going on. Let us know what’s happening.

Rachel Wyatt: I know about as much as you, Tom, as frightening as that thought is.

<Derek Porter steps into the spotlight and he’s wearing a blazer with no shirt and wraparound sunglasses. He looks seriously at the audience and then busts into an arrogant smirk before heading towards the ring. >

Tom: What is Derek Porter doing? What’s this music and where’s his brother?

Rachel: Shh he’s about to talk.

<Derek held up his hand as soon as he got halfway down the entrance and he pulled a microphone out of his pocket. He looks around and then speaks as she makes his way into the ring>

Derek Porter: My name is Derek Porter and you think you know me. You all think you know me but I’ve been lying to you and I’ve been lying to myself all this time. I’m not a smiling, high fiving Porter boy. I should never have been a member of the Crash Brothers. It was a dumb idea and it was the stupidest tag team in the history of this company. I did it to make my dad happy but you know what? That was a mistake.

My dad. Jerry Porter. Legend. <Said with some sarcasm> So much of a legend that he never won a single belt. At least my brother and I won the tag belts a few times. My dad never amounted to anything in his whole career. I’ve only been here two years and I’ve gone farther than he ever did. There’s just one obstacle in my way. My brother. Like my dad, my brother doesn’t even have half my talent. Without him in the way, I can take this company by storm.

The Porters are done as a tag team. I am the future now. My future includes holding every belt I can get my hands on. Now, I want management out here so we can start planning the future. My future.

<Instead, his brother Jerry Porter Jr. stomps through the curtain and makes a bee line for the ring with no music playing. He looks understandably angry as he rolls into the ring and grabs a microphone>

Jerry: Have you lost your mind? Dad taught us everything we know. I can’t stand back there and here you run him and me down. Either we go to the back and talk about this or you and I throw down right here and right now.

Derek: I’ve got nothing to say to you. I’ve said just about all I’m gonna say.

Jerry: I don’t want to hit you, Derek. We’re brothers.

Derek: Well you know, that’s interesting. Do you want to know why that’s interesting? It’s because – <Mid sentence Derek belts his brother hard with a surprise right, sending him sprawling to the canvas. He rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair and climbs back into the ring. As Jerry starts making it to his feet, Derek blasts him in the back of the head with the chair leaving Jerry in an unconscious heap in the middle of the ring. Derek tosses the chair aside and leaves the ring with a microphone>

Derek: I have no brother. You know what? I think I’ll find the management myself.

<Derek threw down his microphone and walked toward the back>

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2 Responses to “Derek Porter”

  1. Lise Mendel Says:

    I like it. For me it works better than your earlier wrestling stories. Lots of emotional punch in a very short piece.


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