I have gone through a few Easters and while I don’t remember them all specifically, I remember the traditions we cycled through. Our family doesn’t really have too many Easter traditions that were handed down through the generations. We used to go to church on Easter Sunday but that ended sometime during High School. I’m actually getting ahead of myself. Let’s start at the beginning.

When I was little until I was not as little, we almost always went down to my grandmother’s house for a visit. Travelling down to Columbia, South Carolina was a ritual that we performed at least twice a year growing up. The rest of the family on my mom’s side lived in South Carolina so it made sense that we went down there. We were always joined by my Uncle Roy and his daughter Brantley and Maw Maw (yes like everyone else we have a cute name for our grandmother and it’s pretty southern). Sometimes we would also be joined by Uncle Pat and his family as well. We would hunt for eggs in Maw Maw’s backyard (which was maybe 20 square yards) and then travelled to church and then we got a huge lunch.

Later, we tended to spend Easter in Baltimore instead. By this point we had found a church that where we felt like we belonged. Grace United Methodist church had a great community and I actually felt smarter after a service because the Reverend had a PHD in History and another one in Philosophy. The church sponsored two different Easter egg hunts. The first was for the little kids and I had long since outgrown it by the time we came to Grace. The second hunt was actually a scavenger hunt of sorts that used riddles. One year I even got to write the riddles at a time when I was obsessed with rhyming poetry.

We didn’t really have a tradition for a few years but now we have a couple new traditions. We go out to West Virginia with our mother and the whole family (on my mom’s new husband’s side) visits as well. We have Easter egg hunts for each generation and we also hunt for Easter baskets that belong to each family. It was strange at first to be part of such huge family gatherings (we often have around 20-25 people) but it’s gotten to feel pretty normal. The other recent tradition around Easter is Seder which is, in case you didn’t know, actually a Passover tradition. This was strange to adjust to but now it’s old hat and another chance to meet up with local family.


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