A to Z Phase 2

I think this little shindig is going pretty well so far.  The A to Z challenge is pushing me to produce more content and think about how I can do it a little more quickly without giving up on quality. As we continue we’ll see if I can keep up my drive and interest in the subjects and projects that I have chosen.  I thought I’d do an update on what’s coming up next.  This section seems to be the most movie review heavy section but I think I can live with that.  Any last minute changes will be a surprise to you and probably me as well.

April 9:  Hotel Gaines – A story inspired by the play my brother acted in recently
April 10: I, Frankenstein –  A review of the recent film
April 11: Just Music – A rebuttal to a recent comment that rap music is “disgusting”
April 13: The Key Episode 7 – A continuation of my ongoing story
April 14: Love’s Labour Lost – A review of a version of the play that I found on Netflix
April 15: The Mystery – A continuation of my ongoing superhero story
April 16: The Nutjob – A review of the recent animated film



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