A to Z Phase 3

So yeah, I’ve scheduled some stuff that I’ve ended up not doing.  I like reviewing movies and television but I’ve realized that I don’t want to review anything that I don’t have enough interest in seeing.  Love’s Labours Lost just didn’t wow me so I ended up not watching it.  I’ve already seen a funny review of The Nutjob and I already know it’s awful so I can let that slide.  I got story ideas that I found far more interesting so I pre-empted the movie reviews.  Movie reviews are also more time consuming.  It’s nice that this challenge has made me rethink how I’m going to proceed in the future.  I’d rather do short fiction and personal blogs and then just the occasional review.  I will be thinking a lot more as I proceed.  I definitely hit a wall during phase 2 but I think I can pick things up in phase 3 and hopefully grind through phase 4. Though I hasten to add that this is still pretty fun, it just got stressful for a bit.

For what it’s worth, here’s what I have planned next:

April 17 – Olivia Hunter, Monster Hunter Go! : A short piece in the style of Power Rangers, Sailor Moon and Ronin Warriors (aka Male Sailor Moon)

April 18 – Pokemon: I sort of wrote the outline of a Pokemon game I came up with

April 20 – Quiet. I’m Exercising: A few notes on my recent experiences returning to the gym

April 21 – Redcross, Part 2: The second part in my ongoing supernatural western story

April 22 – The Sword Part 3:  The third part in my ongoing “rural fantasy” story

April 23 – Top 11 “Iconic” Films from my Childhood: You’ll get to see some of the fiction that formed me

April 24 – Underworld: A movie I’m actually interested in and haven’t seen yet

April 25 – Vampire’s Kiss: Come hell or high water I will find a copy of this movie and I will review it… or I’ll do something else



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