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Shield of the Ishim

May 30, 2015

Ishim Shield

Maya pulled up to the Belvedere Hotel and put her station wagon into park. The instructions had said to don masks before entering and Maya always followed the rules. Well, maybe it was only that she sometimes followed the rules. She sighed and pulled the rough leather hood over her head and shoved her inky black hair down the back of her jacket. She adjusted the mask until the eye holes were in their proper places and jammed her shoulder into the car door so that it opened with a scraping noise. She always meant to get that fixed but there was always something more important to do. Instead, she had grown to love the sound.

She started to prepare her bag of tricks. She kept all of her spell components in a leather messenger bag which made for easy access at the drop of a hat. Life was certainly interesting as an Ishim. Ishim was just a name, taken from Judaism to refer to an order of people dedicated to defending humanity with magic. The order itself was scattered and its members and initiates came from all sorts of different backgrounds. There were rumors that some members were not even human. Now that their order had been granted rights to practice by the federal government, there were also rumors of regulations and organization. The old guard would never accept that.

Maya strode confidently toward the entrance of the abandoned hotel. It had recently been revealed to the public that supernatural creatures are real and that the Ishim used magic to combat them. The public was slowly becoming aware of what that meant about the past, present and future. Paranormal rights activists were starting to crawl out of the woodwork but most of the public seemed to support the Ishim. However, most of them did not want to socialize with a witch so that was one of the reasons for the masks. The door was unlocked so her contact must have already arrived.

“Hello?” She called out, the sound muffled slightly by the leather covering her mouth.

“Enter and stay silent. We’re not sure what we’re dealing with yet.” It was a distinctly female whisper.

Maya closed the door behind her and walked toward the cloaked figure in the middle of the room. The woman wore what looked like a dark gray power suit from the nineties under an old gray cloak. Her face was completely covered by a porcelain mask. Even through the mask, Maya could feel the woman staring daggers at her but shrugged it off and walked forward as naturally as possible.

“Greetings, my name is — ” Maya started to say.

“Are you new or something?” The woman hissed. “We use code names only.”

“I know. I was just about to give mine.” Maya responded with a frown, trying her best to keep her voice soft. There was no set rules that the Ishim followed but there were suggested guidelines that kept them safe and made their job and lives easier. One of those guidelines was to keep their identity a secret when close to a supernatural threats. More powerful creatures who knew your true name or had seen your true face could magically use that against you. Most of the nastier bits of magic required such intimate knowledge.

“They call me China Gray.” The woman said, looking around the large entrance hall.

“They call me Rabbit.” Maya responded patiently. She gripped her bag tighter. These creepy abandoned building situations were never fun.

“What the hell are you wearing?” China asked. She was turning out to be kind of critical and Maya didn’t like it.

“My gear. I went with a steam punk kind of thing. Can we get started?”

“So disrespectful but I suppose you’re right.” How old was this woman? She sort of talked like an elder but definitely didn’t move like one so she couldn’t be that old. “We’re going into this situation blind, I’m afraid. We’ll have to be extra cautious and be prepared for anything.” She showed some bangles she wore on her wrists, one was silver and the other was copper. “I have lightning and ice covered. Yourself?”

“Wow, ok.” Maya said, stalling for a moment. The abrupt way China spoke to her threw her off her game a little bit. She pulled what looked like a small hand broom out of her bag. “I’ve got fire and light covered. I have a ton of holy water too.” She waved her hand over the blackened bristles of the sawed off broom and the end of it caught fire but the bristles did not burn up. She smiled a little at how well she had mastered that trick.

“I think that will work. Now, stay close to me.”

“I’ve done this before.” Maya responded with a frown. She was six months into being an official member of the order not an initiate at her mentor’s knee still.

“Noted. I meant that I’ll be casting an area of high gravity around us that I don’t want you to be caught in it. The spell cuts down on creatures who cling to ceilings. I don’t like it when I’m surrounded.”

“Wow, I’ve never seen that before. Go for it.” Maya said with a smile. She loved learning new spells even if this one sounded difficult and very capable of mass destruction. This is probably why Horse never taught that spell to her.

China nodded slowly, took a deep breath through her mask and then a wide area around them suddenly became a sea of creaking floorboards. Maya shuddered slightly and moved closer to China. She couldn’t even tell where the gravity began or ended. She was at the mercy of China Gray. The two of them started to walk into the hotel to see what they were up against.


Media Update 5/28/2015

May 28, 2015

Mad Max: Fury Road


I saw this on Saturday at the Rotunda Theater which is still my favorite theater even though it’s small and currently in the middle of a construction site. I was told that this movie would be very good and very exciting and that it was constructed like an 80’s action movie. I went in with high expectations but I also went in with the mindset I prepare for movies like Furious 7 and GI Joe. I wasn’t disappointed. In fact, the movie was way better than I ever expected. I disagree with the idea that it’s just like the old Mad Max movies or just a cheesy 80’s movie. It felt like the franchise evolved and we got actual rounded characters. More than anything, the movie was intense. I felt like it grabbed me and shook me and didn’t let go until just before the credits. Despite all the stiff muscles it caused, I definitely recommend this movie.


Godzilla (2014)


I can’t say I recommend this movie. The visuals are amazing and the acting is definitely exactly what you require it to be. Bryan Cranston is a spectacular actor who I’ve loved from day one even in a sitcom that I didn’t really care for. However, I couldn’t make it through this movie. I love Godzilla. I have watched several of the original Godzilla movies and my favorite is Godzilla vs. Biollante. You know what I loved about Godzilla movies? Everything but the plot and character development, that’s for sure. Is it a good adaptation of the Godzilla concept and franchise? Yes but it’s not a good movie. It’s an ok movie but its bigggest sin is being boring. (Spoilers) Also, Bryan Cranston gets killed off pretty quickly. So we’re pretty much left with David Straitharn who is awesome but he couldn’t carry the movie on his own. Skip this one. I actually liked the 1998 version better.


Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared

Wow. I don’t want to spoil this little mindwarping show but as soon as I found out about it, I was fascinated. It’s basically Sesame Street gone wrong in all the right ways. I find it legitamitely scary and it definitely makes me think. There’s only four very short episodes right now so you can easily catch up. If you don’t like your humor mixed with existential horror, please stay clear.


Boston Legal


I started watching this with my mother this week as it was my Mother’s Day present to her (along with 1/4 of a Jimmy Buffet concert ticket). I gave it a shot because I have recently become a bigger fan of James Spader and I’m amused by William Shatner. It’s surprisingly good in a shock and awe/sitcommy sort of way. I’ve only seen two episodes but it’s full of great character actors and a sort of insane silliness that reminds me of shows like Scrubs and Community.

The Key Pt. 8

May 23, 2015

The Key

Robin burst into the apartment at a fast clip, hands sweeping her hair from her face in a nervous gesture. She started toward the couch, ready to get some answers. She was ready to get this over with and she had tunnel vision for the doll girl. That was when Kim stepped directly in the path of the charging bull that Robin had become. Robin stopped short and blinked and was about to let her have it. Kim had been helpful but not necessary and she was way too nosy.

“You look like you could use some tea.” Kim said as she held up a cup. The momentary delay allowed R to make his way back into the apartment and catch up to the speedier Robin.

“I hate tea. Move please.” Robin responded, waving the steaming cup away and looking past to the girl on the couch. She looked like she was waking up, eyes fluttering. Kim deliberately moved back into her field of vision. Robin frowned at her but her urgency was starting to fade.

“How about some coffee?” Kim said with a smile that said she knew she had stared down a freight train and won.

“Um… fine.” Robin grumbled and grabbed the mug she was offered. Kim pointed toward the kitchenette area and Robin slunk over to the counter and put a little milk in her coffee.

“Hey, can I have the tea? It smells pretty good.” R said, shooting a glance over at Robin who shrugged.

“Of course. Let me talk to the patient before she’s interrogated, please?” Kim said as she pointed again to the kitchenette. R gave her a sheepish smile and lumbered over to Robin with his tea held carefully. Kim walked over to the girl on the couch and knelt down and spoke softly to her. Robin kept shooting glances over at them but kept her mouth shut and kept sipping coffee.

“Are you alright?” R asked, those brown eyes studying her. Despite her sudden bad mood she couldn’t help but blush and feel foolish for being angry. She felt all twisted up inside. She felt like her whole life up until now had been a lie. How much control did she have? How much control was possible?

“I don’t want to talk about it right now.” She said and took a long, silent sip of coffee.

“Hey, I think we’re ready to talk now.” Kim said from the couch.

Robin walked past R and felt him trailing behind her like a giant, well-armed, trenchcoated puppy dog. She set her coffee cup on the counter and did her best impression of a happy person as she approached the girl on the couch. The girl was beautiful and petite. She had platinum blonde hair with a slight curl and big blue eyes that sparkled with what looked like innocence. She looked around the room like she had never looked around a room before.

“Hi. My name is Robin. This is Kim and this is R.” Robin said, pulling up a chair to sit near the couch.

“Where am I?” She said in a tiny voice.

“My friend Carly’s house. It was the closest place to rest.”

“Dude, what’s wrong with my voice?” The girl asked, panic fighting to the surface as her eyes went wide.

“I… well we wouldn’t know. We’ve never heard your voice before . Let’s just all calm down, ok?” Kim said, looking hard at Robin for a moment. Robin held up her hands in silent agreement.

“No no. My voice sounds really weird. I feel really weird. Why do I sound like a chick?”

There was a silence like death that hit the four of them like a tsunami, sudden and without warning. Robin felt her thoughts try to flee the situation. She saw the way the girl’s chest rose and fell with each breath. She noticed the way the girl’s hair brushed her shoulders when her head moved. Then she noticed the tears forming in those blue eyes and she felt herself pulled back into the situation.

“Wait, what?” Robin said, glancing back at R and over to Kim. Both of them gave her wide eyes but no help. “Who are you?”

“Kevin… wait, I can’t remember my last name.” The doll girl said, his voice trailing off.

Robin looked back at R again for a moment. “That’s actually pretty common. You’ve had a pretty crazy day. All of us know what that’s like.”

Kevin sat up suddenly. “Yeah but I didn’t have tits last night and now I’ve got these!” He said as he roughly grabbed his chest, the cotton sundress he wore came dangerously close to showing off too much cleavage. “I can’t remember who I am but I know I’m in college. I have a life, man, and it doesn’t include this.”

Kim put a comforting hand on Kevin’s shoulder. Robin felt helpless, she had never really been good at connecting with people and now here she was trying to talk down the victim of an unwanted magical sex change. Behind her was an tall, amnesiac man with a gun and to her right was a nurse and mother. Right at that moment, police were probably combing the square for evidence of a terrorist attack. She had been chased all night by monsters in the darkness and there was another Robin inside of her that she knew nothing about.

“Anything I say is not going to be enough, Kevin. I could tell you that it’s all going to be alright. I could tell you that I can change you back. I would be lying, Kevin. I can’t save you when I’m not even sure I can save myself.” Robin said.

“Then what do I do?” Kevin asked, his petite voice sounding even smaller and softer. Robin shrugged.

“We carry on. I lost my memory too. Although I don’t believe I changed as much as you, I was also nearly consumed by.. whatever this is. We’re looking for answers.” R said as he stepped forward. Kevin’s eyes grew wide at his size for a moment before looking away.

“I don’t know. I don’t know anymore.” Kevin said, shaking his head and sending curls swishing to and fro.

“You’re welcome to stay here while you figure things out.” Kim said. She had the reassurance that only an experienced mother could have. Robin could see Kevin soften.

“Stay here and rest, Kevin. We’re going out to get some answers.” Robin said as she grabbed a pen and wrote down her cell phone number. “Call me here if you need something. I’ll call here if we have any news.”

“Just like that?” Kevin asked, those crystal blue eyes looking up at her. Those eyes wanted to believe it was as simple as that even if it was just for a little while.

“Just like that. Come on, R, let’s go figure this crap out.” With that, Robin walked out of the apartment and into the night. She left a bad situation behind her but looked hard at an even worse one out there waiting.

Media Update 5/21/2015

May 21, 2015

Forever 12
(Watch it Here)

This one is about a girl who never wants to have to grow up so she invented a magical world that helps her to stay young. The animation is very pretty and colorful and the writing made me laugh and there’s actually a clever little moral snuck in. It feels very similar to the next entry but it is definitely its own animal. I don’t know if the short is going anywhere but I hope that everybody who worked on it gets more work.


Star Vs. The Forces of Evil

I have been really, really excited to see this cartoon since Disney released the intro (linked above). The intro was so exciting and lively that I couldn’t help but be curious about it. I also hold a special place in my heart for magical girls and there’s definitely some of that imagery. However, now that I’m two episodes in, I know a little more about the show. It’s pretty much as insane as the intro indicates but it’s also really funny. Alternate dimensions, magic wands, karate and floating unicorn heads are just some of the insanity.

Rick and Morty

It has come to my attention that Rick and Morty appeared in the couch gag of the Simpsons season finale. I’m glad they got a little exposure but I haven’t watched the Simpsons in years as I felt it grew stale. Still, the second season of Rick and Morty is coming this summer and I’m extremely excited about it. The first season is still available on .


Taco Bell Breakfast Defector Commercials

These are so ridiculously bad that I actually love them. First, their filmed in grainy black and white as if this revolution is not only televised but done so with “underground” cameras. This one is also filmed ambush style as soon as the couple gets through the drive-thru which makes them those people I hate who park for five minutes to check if their meal was served correctly. The guy being “interviewed” is way over the top while the girl seems more reserved. If you notice, the dialogue even gets so ridiculous that the girl laughs as if to say “It’s just Taco Bell, guys” I like Taco Bell well enough and I’ve had their breakfast twice. It’s not bad but, like fast food breakfast the world over, it’s not very good. They can keep pretending they’re gathering an army against McDonalds though. It’s too funny.

The Sword Part 4

May 19, 2015

The Sword

The streets were full of shadowy thingies. Kori stood pressed against her bedroom window while Lindy freaked out behind her, kneeling on Kori’s bed. They had barely arrived at the fair when these things had crawled out of nowhere. The things had started to wreck the place and there was screaming and chaos everywhere. The two of them had run back to Kori’s house and now they were stuck inside.

The streets were empty of peope but Kori watched as one of them tore at a parked car with claws each at least a foot long. They had no eyes or else their eyes were as black and dark as the rest of their body. They moved like multiple insects had a child with a coyote.

“Get back from the window! They’ll kill us!” A familiar refrain from behind her now.

Kori walked away from the window slowly and deliberately. If the thing had eyes, she didn’t want them drawn to her large windows. ” They’re going to kill us anyway, :inds. If they find us.”

“What are we going to do? This can’t be happening!”

Kori threw her hands up in the air and let out a frustrated sigh. “I don’t know, Lindy! Since when do we quit though?” She was pacing, something she had always yelled at Austin for doing. It all seemed so petty now. She briefly wondered where he was and if he was alright. Maybe all of that didn’t really matter anymore. She could never be with him again but maybe she could just let it go now. She looked down at her hands.

When had she put on the gauntlet?

“What’s that?” Lindy asked, pure confusion piercing briefly through her blind terror.

“I don’t know. A glove? I found it in the football equipment shed. I think it fell from somewhere.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I don’t know. I actually forgot I had it. But you know what? It makes me feel stronger.”

“Kori. None of this makes any sense.”

Lindy wasn’t panicking anymore. Her voice was the cold numbness of shock setting in. Maybe it was that same shock settling into Kori’s body as well because she felt a deep calm take over the center of her body.

“I know.” Kori replied. “I mean I don’t know. I mean I know we have to get out of here before those things tear us apart.”

With that she pointed at the window to punctuate her sentence and it promptly exploded outward. She and Lindy just stood there and stared at the broken and smoking remains of the window with their ears ringing and the smoking partly blocking their vision. Kori staggered to the hole in the wall that used to be a pair of wide windows. She looked outside but she had to be careful because the edges were still red hot.

She looked out into the night and she saw one of the creatures lying on the ground. More accurately it was half of one of the creatures writhing on the ground. Where its right leg and left arm should have been there were only burning stubs. It’s other limbs were in no condition to really help it out. The thing shrieked and squirmed and thrashed but it wasn’t going anywhere.

“What did you do!? How did you do that?” Lindy cried out.

Kori turned slowly from the window. The calm inside had been replaced with exhilaration and the certainty that she had the power to deal with her problems. The gauntlet hummed and glowed with an exultant light. She looked at her friend with the biggest grin on her face.

“I’ve got spirit. Yes I do.” And with that she leapt from the second floor and into the street.

Media Update 5/14/15

May 14, 2015

Media Update

Just a few notes on things I’m watching or noticed lately.




I have now seen four episodes of Daredevil and I feel like I can reasonably conclude that it is awesome. In fact, I binge watched three episodes last night while I was doing other stuff and it repeatedly drew my focus. I multi-task a lot but a good movie or television show can suck me in and grab my full attention. The show is very compelling with a perfect marriage of Matt Murdock, Attorney at Law and his crimefighting alter-ego. I really like that they take the lawyer side of things seriously so that the show is half-superhero and half-lawyer or maybe 60-40. Either way it’s pretty great. I’m psyched by how their portraying everybody but especially Wilson Fisk. I’m excited to see how they fit the three other planned series in with this one.


Pitch Perfect 2

Yeah, I never thought I would be typing those words in that order. This is not something I’ve seen or want to see. In fact, I definitely don’t want to see it after seeing two different unskippable trailers about 50 times on youtube. It looks absolutely awful and follows the formula of much better movies (two of which are actually Sister Act 2 and Beerfest). According to the trailer it stars Rebel Wilson and a bunch of cardboard cutouts who ocassionally sing and sass. Rebel Wilson seems to be Melissa McCarthy 2.0 as she acts just as awkward and spouts seemingly improvised jokes that aren’t really funny (your mileage may vary). At least there were no fat jokes in the trailer.


Black Sails

I finally watched the first episode of Black Sails and I’m intrigued. I kind of had low expectations going in because for some reason I was expecting Game of Thrones in boats or something. So far they seem to be fairly accurate to what I’ve read in pirate biographies. Pirate ships were the closest thing we had to a democratic form of government at the same time as European nations were still rulled by monarchies. I like that there’s a mystery that I’m only somewhat grasping and that I can’t really see where the show is going.


Game Grumps

As stated on Day Y of the A to Z Challenge, I’m a big fan of Markiplier and his youtube antics. I mean, somebody with 7 and a half subscribers can’t be all bad, can they? He kept mentioning these guys called the Game Grumps and I got curious and checked them out. They’re pretty funny. The current incarnation is Arin and Danny who just play games and talk. It reminds me of playing with my friends and shooting the bull. Along with Ross, Suzy and Barry (and editor Kevin) they explore both familiar and unfamiliar games and they’re a great thing to have on the background while I’m doing something else. Their discussions always remind me of the Penny Arcade podcasts or various podcasts on the SModcast network.
Comic Book Adaptation News


– Martin Freeman has joined the cast of Captain America Civil War. This is the next big comic book movie event and I really like Martin Freeman and he’s joining an already great cast.  I will remain excited.


– Supergirl and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow were announced and a trailer for each were released. Both look interesting. If this works out it will prove once again that DC Television is way better than their movies lately. I’m not ready to write off Batman vs. Superman yet but I don’t have high expecations. Gotham, Arrow, The Flash and the recently canceled Constantine are awesome and if Supergirl and Legends follow suit I’ll have another two shows to watch.


– I finally saw the Ant-Man trailer. It looks awesome as well.

Mother’s Day

May 10, 2015

Squirrel Chairs

The picture you see above are squirrel chairs. The idea is that the squirrels sit and eat the cobs of corn impaled on the chairs (the corn is impaled not the squirrels). The intent of such an idea is apparently to keep squirrels away from bird feeders by giving them their own food. Apeasement policies aside, this is a weird idea, right? It’s an idea that makes sense and makes no sense at the same time. This is the brainchild of my mother, the woman who birthed me and raised me. I’m not kidding, a grown adult thought of using this invention (and somebody invented it but let’s set that aside).

My mom is an incredibly intelligent woman and she’s one of the nicest people I have ever known. I didn’t show you this picture to ridicule my mother or illustrate a flaw. I’m showing you this picture because it always makes me laugh. My mom was a lawyer and is now a judge and proud mother of three boys. She has several college degrees on top of high school and trade school. She’s Superwoman in my eyes.

She’s also the woman who taught us how to howl at the full moon regardless of what the neighbors might think. She obsessively plays Mahjong to the point that it’s become a running joke. She came north from South Carolina and didn’t get married when everybody else was. She became a lawyer at a time when women in the profession were called Lady Lawyers as if it was an oddity for a female to practice law.

On this Mothers Day, this is just a little note about my mother because I get a kick out of her and I love her.

X’s Guide to the Paranormal – Intro

May 9, 2015

X's Guide

Welcome to X’s Guide to the Paranormal. This book has either fallen into your hands or the book itself has copied itself onto the internet. Be not afraid, the book has been enamoured of the internet ever since it was invented and it was bound to scan itself eventually. I just wonder what effect scanning some of the runes and incantations might cause. Well, no use worrying about the future until it starts unraveling.

About the Book

This guide deals primarily with the operation and survival in the town of Estarriol. This guide is meant as instruction for emergency maintenance and survival. It is my job to complete repairs but in an emergency let this guide get you to a safe and stable condition so you can wait for assistance.

While I can confirm this is a town in the United States, the state must remain a closely-guarded secret for the safety of everyone involved. If you do anything at all, please heed this warning: Please do not seek the town. The contents of this book should be warning enough but let me add that there is no escape from Estarriol. Nobody leaves this town. We have come to accept and embrace and even enjoy this simple fact but I’m sure visitors would be more than a little upset that their vacation was permanently extended.

About the Author of this Book

My name is X. I am the tenth in the line of guardians and maintenance workers of Estarriol. My mother was IX and is a beautiful and capable woman who taught me everything she knows. I am male and approaching my eighteenth year and I recently reached the end of high school. I was enrolled during the eighth and ninth Great Fire the high school experienced. Each generation creates their own guide to embrace the fluid nature of the town and the supernatural occurences that happen between publications. I spend my days combatting threats, chronicling changes and repairing broken equipment and structures. I’m pretty satisfied with the way things are going and hopefully I can be as helpful as my predecessors.

If This Guide is Not Handy

Saint Myers

This is a Saint Myers Glyph*. You may have noticed it on the cover of the physical copy of this book. That would be one of the reasons that most guides turn sentient but it is a tradition and we’re not going to change a tradition for book sentience. Anyway, the Saint Myers Glyph is a mark of a bound helpful spirit. Helpful spirits are the result of psychic and spiritual resonance of deceased people with above average intelligence and knowledge. I, IV, VII and IX are just some of these bound spirits. The glyphs help bind the spirits to specific location in our plane of existence.

These glyphs are scattered throughout the town and easily accesible even to those in wheelchairs. To summon a helpful spirit simply place some surface of your skin against the glyph and call out “Myers! I Need Help!” and the spirit should crawl out of the glyph and assist you. They have access to plenty of knowledge through the and should be able to assist you with your emergency. In all other cases, please refer to the guide as the process is taxing for the spirits and we would like them ready and able to be summoned in an emergency.

* Saint Myers was not a saint. That’s just what his parents decided to name him. He discovered the glyph after conversing with the Great Spirit Kadel.

Free Comic Book Day 2015

May 2, 2015

Free Comic Book Day is one of my favorite days of the year. Comic Books were a passion of mine as a kid and, even though I don’t collect them like I used to, I still love the comic book industry. I used to walk miles to my local comic book store to spend my allowance on Saturdays. That was Comics Kingdom which was bought and moved and then moved again since. Comics Kingdom was kind of an intimidating place to go into and it was very small. The new owners renamed the place The Amazing Spiral and moved it to just south of Northern and York across from the Senator. The new place is bright, big and the staff is very friendly and knowledgeable about comics and tons of geeky stuff.

The Amazing Spiral is where I’ve gone for the last three Free Comic Book Days and it’s where I went today. I got into the store shortly after opening and the place was packed but everybody was polite and nobody ever blocked access to a shelf for long. Several of the staff were dressed as costumed characters. We got a Spidey, Harley, Fiona (from Shrek), Loki and Finn (from Adventure Time) and that was just the staff. I saw a lot of kids dressed up in pretty great costumes. It made me feel good to see so many people there enjoying comics, especially seeing the next generation getting into the genre.

I picked up Grimm Fairy Tales’ Wonderland, Doctor Who, Avengers, Captain Canuck #0, Mega Man, Teen Titans Go! and I was lucky enough to pick up the last copy of Step Aside Pops. I am especially excited to see Step Aside Pops as I’m a huge fan of Kate Beaton and to see a webcomic artist hitting the mainstream is always cool.

I also picked these two graphic novels for the 25% off sale.

I’ve heard great things about this run of She-Hulk a it focuses equally on her law career and superheroics and mixes in quite a bit of comedy. I’ve been focusing a little more on female heroes lately because I neglected them when I was younger and, while I think I missed out, I think they’re written way better now.

I’ve been a fan of the Sandman Mystery Theater series since college. I like the Sandman (Wesley Dodds) character and I like the mix of 1940’s and dreamlike setting. You’re seeing the world through the eyes of an insomniac, a man troubled by nightmares who instead fights crime.

I hit Qdoba for a burrito and headed over to the Rotunda for Phase 2 of my day. Of course, it was Phase 2 literally because it was Avengers: Age of Ultron, the end of the second phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I got there right before the theater opened and ended up fifth in line to buy tickets. This turned out to be lucky because even at this matinee, the theater was packed to the gills.

The movie was awesome. I had high expectations after the rest of Phase 2 was so, so good and this movie actually exceeded those expectations. I laughed, I teared up, I gasped and several of us even clapped at moments. I don’t want to spoil anything but everybody turned in good performances, even the characters with the smallest amount of screen time. Please, if you like these movies even an iota, do yourself a favor and check this one out.

Now I’ve got plenty of read and plenty to think about before I see Avengers 2 probably about ten more times. It was a good day.

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