X’s Guide to the Paranormal – Intro

X's Guide

Welcome to X’s Guide to the Paranormal. This book has either fallen into your hands or the book itself has copied itself onto the internet. Be not afraid, the book has been enamoured of the internet ever since it was invented and it was bound to scan itself eventually. I just wonder what effect scanning some of the runes and incantations might cause. Well, no use worrying about the future until it starts unraveling.

About the Book

This guide deals primarily with the operation and survival in the town of Estarriol. This guide is meant as instruction for emergency maintenance and survival. It is my job to complete repairs but in an emergency let this guide get you to a safe and stable condition so you can wait for assistance.

While I can confirm this is a town in the United States, the state must remain a closely-guarded secret for the safety of everyone involved. If you do anything at all, please heed this warning: Please do not seek the town. The contents of this book should be warning enough but let me add that there is no escape from Estarriol. Nobody leaves this town. We have come to accept and embrace and even enjoy this simple fact but I’m sure visitors would be more than a little upset that their vacation was permanently extended.

About the Author of this Book

My name is X. I am the tenth in the line of guardians and maintenance workers of Estarriol. My mother was IX and is a beautiful and capable woman who taught me everything she knows. I am male and approaching my eighteenth year and I recently reached the end of high school. I was enrolled during the eighth and ninth Great Fire the high school experienced. Each generation creates their own guide to embrace the fluid nature of the town and the supernatural occurences that happen between publications. I spend my days combatting threats, chronicling changes and repairing broken equipment and structures. I’m pretty satisfied with the way things are going and hopefully I can be as helpful as my predecessors.

If This Guide is Not Handy

Saint Myers

This is a Saint Myers Glyph*. You may have noticed it on the cover of the physical copy of this book. That would be one of the reasons that most guides turn sentient but it is a tradition and we’re not going to change a tradition for book sentience. Anyway, the Saint Myers Glyph is a mark of a bound helpful spirit. Helpful spirits are the result of psychic and spiritual resonance of deceased people with above average intelligence and knowledge. I, IV, VII and IX are just some of these bound spirits. The glyphs help bind the spirits to specific location in our plane of existence.

These glyphs are scattered throughout the town and easily accesible even to those in wheelchairs. To summon a helpful spirit simply place some surface of your skin against the glyph and call out “Myers! I Need Help!” and the spirit should crawl out of the glyph and assist you. They have access to plenty of knowledge through the and should be able to assist you with your emergency. In all other cases, please refer to the guide as the process is taxing for the spirits and we would like them ready and able to be summoned in an emergency.

* Saint Myers was not a saint. That’s just what his parents decided to name him. He discovered the glyph after conversing with the Great Spirit Kadel.


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