Media Update 5/14/15

Media Update

Just a few notes on things I’m watching or noticed lately.




I have now seen four episodes of Daredevil and I feel like I can reasonably conclude that it is awesome. In fact, I binge watched three episodes last night while I was doing other stuff and it repeatedly drew my focus. I multi-task a lot but a good movie or television show can suck me in and grab my full attention. The show is very compelling with a perfect marriage of Matt Murdock, Attorney at Law and his crimefighting alter-ego. I really like that they take the lawyer side of things seriously so that the show is half-superhero and half-lawyer or maybe 60-40. Either way it’s pretty great. I’m psyched by how their portraying everybody but especially Wilson Fisk. I’m excited to see how they fit the three other planned series in with this one.


Pitch Perfect 2

Yeah, I never thought I would be typing those words in that order. This is not something I’ve seen or want to see. In fact, I definitely don’t want to see it after seeing two different unskippable trailers about 50 times on youtube. It looks absolutely awful and follows the formula of much better movies (two of which are actually Sister Act 2 and Beerfest). According to the trailer it stars Rebel Wilson and a bunch of cardboard cutouts who ocassionally sing and sass. Rebel Wilson seems to be Melissa McCarthy 2.0 as she acts just as awkward and spouts seemingly improvised jokes that aren’t really funny (your mileage may vary). At least there were no fat jokes in the trailer.


Black Sails

I finally watched the first episode of Black Sails and I’m intrigued. I kind of had low expectations going in because for some reason I was expecting Game of Thrones in boats or something. So far they seem to be fairly accurate to what I’ve read in pirate biographies. Pirate ships were the closest thing we had to a democratic form of government at the same time as European nations were still rulled by monarchies. I like that there’s a mystery that I’m only somewhat grasping and that I can’t really see where the show is going.


Game Grumps

As stated on Day Y of the A to Z Challenge, I’m a big fan of Markiplier and his youtube antics. I mean, somebody with 7 and a half subscribers can’t be all bad, can they? He kept mentioning these guys called the Game Grumps and I got curious and checked them out. They’re pretty funny. The current incarnation is Arin and Danny who just play games and talk. It reminds me of playing with my friends and shooting the bull. Along with Ross, Suzy and Barry (and editor Kevin) they explore both familiar and unfamiliar games and they’re a great thing to have on the background while I’m doing something else. Their discussions always remind me of the Penny Arcade podcasts or various podcasts on the SModcast network.
Comic Book Adaptation News


– Martin Freeman has joined the cast of Captain America Civil War. This is the next big comic book movie event and I really like Martin Freeman and he’s joining an already great cast.  I will remain excited.


– Supergirl and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow were announced and a trailer for each were released. Both look interesting. If this works out it will prove once again that DC Television is way better than their movies lately. I’m not ready to write off Batman vs. Superman yet but I don’t have high expecations. Gotham, Arrow, The Flash and the recently canceled Constantine are awesome and if Supergirl and Legends follow suit I’ll have another two shows to watch.


– I finally saw the Ant-Man trailer. It looks awesome as well.


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