Media Update 5/21/2015

Forever 12
(Watch it Here)

This one is about a girl who never wants to have to grow up so she invented a magical world that helps her to stay young. The animation is very pretty and colorful and the writing made me laugh and there’s actually a clever little moral snuck in. It feels very similar to the next entry but it is definitely its own animal. I don’t know if the short is going anywhere but I hope that everybody who worked on it gets more work.


Star Vs. The Forces of Evil

I have been really, really excited to see this cartoon since Disney released the intro (linked above). The intro was so exciting and lively that I couldn’t help but be curious about it. I also hold a special place in my heart for magical girls and there’s definitely some of that imagery. However, now that I’m two episodes in, I know a little more about the show. It’s pretty much as insane as the intro indicates but it’s also really funny. Alternate dimensions, magic wands, karate and floating unicorn heads are just some of the insanity.

Rick and Morty

It has come to my attention that Rick and Morty appeared in the couch gag of the Simpsons season finale. I’m glad they got a little exposure but I haven’t watched the Simpsons in years as I felt it grew stale. Still, the second season of Rick and Morty is coming this summer and I’m extremely excited about it. The first season is still available on .


Taco Bell Breakfast Defector Commercials

These are so ridiculously bad that I actually love them. First, their filmed in grainy black and white as if this revolution is not only televised but done so with “underground” cameras. This one is also filmed ambush style as soon as the couple gets through the drive-thru which makes them those people I hate who park for five minutes to check if their meal was served correctly. The guy being “interviewed” is way over the top while the girl seems more reserved. If you notice, the dialogue even gets so ridiculous that the girl laughs as if to say “It’s just Taco Bell, guys” I like Taco Bell well enough and I’ve had their breakfast twice. It’s not bad but, like fast food breakfast the world over, it’s not very good. They can keep pretending they’re gathering an army against McDonalds though. It’s too funny.

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