The Key Pt. 8

The Key

Robin burst into the apartment at a fast clip, hands sweeping her hair from her face in a nervous gesture. She started toward the couch, ready to get some answers. She was ready to get this over with and she had tunnel vision for the doll girl. That was when Kim stepped directly in the path of the charging bull that Robin had become. Robin stopped short and blinked and was about to let her have it. Kim had been helpful but not necessary and she was way too nosy.

“You look like you could use some tea.” Kim said as she held up a cup. The momentary delay allowed R to make his way back into the apartment and catch up to the speedier Robin.

“I hate tea. Move please.” Robin responded, waving the steaming cup away and looking past to the girl on the couch. She looked like she was waking up, eyes fluttering. Kim deliberately moved back into her field of vision. Robin frowned at her but her urgency was starting to fade.

“How about some coffee?” Kim said with a smile that said she knew she had stared down a freight train and won.

“Um… fine.” Robin grumbled and grabbed the mug she was offered. Kim pointed toward the kitchenette area and Robin slunk over to the counter and put a little milk in her coffee.

“Hey, can I have the tea? It smells pretty good.” R said, shooting a glance over at Robin who shrugged.

“Of course. Let me talk to the patient before she’s interrogated, please?” Kim said as she pointed again to the kitchenette. R gave her a sheepish smile and lumbered over to Robin with his tea held carefully. Kim walked over to the girl on the couch and knelt down and spoke softly to her. Robin kept shooting glances over at them but kept her mouth shut and kept sipping coffee.

“Are you alright?” R asked, those brown eyes studying her. Despite her sudden bad mood she couldn’t help but blush and feel foolish for being angry. She felt all twisted up inside. She felt like her whole life up until now had been a lie. How much control did she have? How much control was possible?

“I don’t want to talk about it right now.” She said and took a long, silent sip of coffee.

“Hey, I think we’re ready to talk now.” Kim said from the couch.

Robin walked past R and felt him trailing behind her like a giant, well-armed, trenchcoated puppy dog. She set her coffee cup on the counter and did her best impression of a happy person as she approached the girl on the couch. The girl was beautiful and petite. She had platinum blonde hair with a slight curl and big blue eyes that sparkled with what looked like innocence. She looked around the room like she had never looked around a room before.

“Hi. My name is Robin. This is Kim and this is R.” Robin said, pulling up a chair to sit near the couch.

“Where am I?” She said in a tiny voice.

“My friend Carly’s house. It was the closest place to rest.”

“Dude, what’s wrong with my voice?” The girl asked, panic fighting to the surface as her eyes went wide.

“I… well we wouldn’t know. We’ve never heard your voice before . Let’s just all calm down, ok?” Kim said, looking hard at Robin for a moment. Robin held up her hands in silent agreement.

“No no. My voice sounds really weird. I feel really weird. Why do I sound like a chick?”

There was a silence like death that hit the four of them like a tsunami, sudden and without warning. Robin felt her thoughts try to flee the situation. She saw the way the girl’s chest rose and fell with each breath. She noticed the way the girl’s hair brushed her shoulders when her head moved. Then she noticed the tears forming in those blue eyes and she felt herself pulled back into the situation.

“Wait, what?” Robin said, glancing back at R and over to Kim. Both of them gave her wide eyes but no help. “Who are you?”

“Kevin… wait, I can’t remember my last name.” The doll girl said, his voice trailing off.

Robin looked back at R again for a moment. “That’s actually pretty common. You’ve had a pretty crazy day. All of us know what that’s like.”

Kevin sat up suddenly. “Yeah but I didn’t have tits last night and now I’ve got these!” He said as he roughly grabbed his chest, the cotton sundress he wore came dangerously close to showing off too much cleavage. “I can’t remember who I am but I know I’m in college. I have a life, man, and it doesn’t include this.”

Kim put a comforting hand on Kevin’s shoulder. Robin felt helpless, she had never really been good at connecting with people and now here she was trying to talk down the victim of an unwanted magical sex change. Behind her was an tall, amnesiac man with a gun and to her right was a nurse and mother. Right at that moment, police were probably combing the square for evidence of a terrorist attack. She had been chased all night by monsters in the darkness and there was another Robin inside of her that she knew nothing about.

“Anything I say is not going to be enough, Kevin. I could tell you that it’s all going to be alright. I could tell you that I can change you back. I would be lying, Kevin. I can’t save you when I’m not even sure I can save myself.” Robin said.

“Then what do I do?” Kevin asked, his petite voice sounding even smaller and softer. Robin shrugged.

“We carry on. I lost my memory too. Although I don’t believe I changed as much as you, I was also nearly consumed by.. whatever this is. We’re looking for answers.” R said as he stepped forward. Kevin’s eyes grew wide at his size for a moment before looking away.

“I don’t know. I don’t know anymore.” Kevin said, shaking his head and sending curls swishing to and fro.

“You’re welcome to stay here while you figure things out.” Kim said. She had the reassurance that only an experienced mother could have. Robin could see Kevin soften.

“Stay here and rest, Kevin. We’re going out to get some answers.” Robin said as she grabbed a pen and wrote down her cell phone number. “Call me here if you need something. I’ll call here if we have any news.”

“Just like that?” Kevin asked, those crystal blue eyes looking up at her. Those eyes wanted to believe it was as simple as that even if it was just for a little while.

“Just like that. Come on, R, let’s go figure this crap out.” With that, Robin walked out of the apartment and into the night. She left a bad situation behind her but looked hard at an even worse one out there waiting.

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