Media Update 7/2/2015

I still haven’t really seen anything new and exciting. The summer is a bad time for me as I feel the heat and humidity take a lot out of me. I really do want to see Jurassic World and Inside Out and hopefully I will catch them during the long weekend. Strangely I’m also looking forward to Terminator Genisys a little because at least they’re trying something new. I also really like Ahnold and I want to see how he is returning to two different iconic roles from the Terminator franchise. It’s just that lately on the weekend I want to just lounge around and keep cool instead of venturing out and seeing movies. It’s also taken a toll on my writing though part of that is trying to birth a new Tabletop character for a new campaign.

Anyway, let’s talk some entertainment.

Rennaisance Rumble: Battle Stations

Wow, second week in a row talking about live performance. It’s also been a while since I talked about pro-wrestling so this really feels right. I went down to College Park last Sunday morning and, although I was a little sleepy from getting up early on a weekend, I met my brother Alex and his girlfriend in a dance studio. In the middle of the studio was a structure that always brings excitement to my core. It was a wrestling ring. Sure it was a crappy wrestling ring but it looked serviceable and it definitely did its job.

We were there to see a workshop performance for a pro-wrestling class taught by a friend of my brother’s. Right away I was totally into it as we were greeted by fun characters and a story line involving good guys taking on a small but evil empire. The whole thing couldn’t have been much longer than an hour but there was five or six short matches to showcase the trainees’ talents. We saw characters like Midnyte Karny, Meg Sam, The Man Who Feels No Pain, Simond “Mega Diamond” and “Paisan of Pain” Giuseppe… I’m sorry but I don’t remember all their names.

We cheered for babyfaces and booed heels and cringed at some very impressive bumps and some decent selling. Considering it was after twelve hours of training, I was very impressed. We also got to see some pre-taped promos which were amusing. Nobody was exactly setting the world on fire but with some more training there were definitely diamonds to might have been picked from the rough. The important thing is that everybody had heart, stayed safe and there was actually a lot of funny dialogue that kept the event moving. I look forward to seeing more from this company.

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