Media Update 7/16/15

Bob’s Burgers

I binge watched the entire first season this week because I was hooked practically right away. The humor is enjoyably low key when compared to shows like Family Guy and The Simpsons which went off the rails long ago. For a cartoon sitcom, the characters are pretty rounded and complicated. Usually characters like these are more one note. In Bob’s Burgers, sometimes Bob is wrong but any character can be the cause of the dilemma that must be fixed. The antagonists are sometimes friendly and the protagonists are sometimes villainous. The jokes have all made me at least smile and the show is very relateable. Not only that but one of the staff writers is named Steven Davis too! I definitely recommend it.


Grades – King (Music Video)

Wow, this was amazing. Music videos are often really fun because they have almost nothing to do with the actual song. I stumbled on this music video through Starline Hodges and I really loved it. I love that it hits buttons in me associated with anime and video games. The little girl is such a great dancer as well. The music isn’t exactly my thing but I like a good rythym and the rest of it is pretty good too.


High Anxiety

I love Mel Brooks movies and I have seen most of his movies but I realize that I haven’t seen all of his movies. I missed High Anxiety as it was not one of the movies my friends and I rented. I wish I hadn’t missed it because it might just be near the top of my favorite of his movies. Like most of his films, the movie is a sort of parody. This one is a general parody of Alfred Hitchcock suspense films. Many of the shots, gags and plot points are taken straight out of movies like The Birds, Psycho and North by Northwest. It employs the usual quirky, absurd humor that Mel Brooks uses but this one feels a little more subdued. It’s a little more down to earth thanks to the Hitchcock feel to it and that actually makes the Mel Brooks moments even more surreal. I definitely suggest this one.

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