Media Update 7/23/2015

Mr. Peabody and Sherman

I remember watching Rocky and Bullwinkle reruns when I was a kid along with my brothers. I never cared for Rocky and Bullwinkle as much as the eventual spin-off Mr. Peabody’s Improbable History. Each short was a (mostly) accurate journey through world history, a subject that I’ve always enjoyed. The movie is an update of the cartoon shorts. Peabody is a talking dog with genius level intellect and encyclopedic knowledge. He takes his adopted human son, Sherman, through history to teach him lessons. Just like the show, the historical figures are depicted as silly while still being accurate enough about their place in history.

The movie was actually way better than I expected. It was funny, touching and well-written and well-acted. What was originally a cute story about history became a coming of age story and also a tale about coming to terms with who you really are. I definitely recommend it to animated movie fans.


Jem and the Holograms

Wow. Just wow. I decided to check this cartoon out because it popped up on Netflix, I had never seen it and there’s a lot of noise about the upcoming movie adaptation. When I was growing up, Jem and the Holograms were definitely around but it was not spoken of in my circle of friends. In the eighties and early nineties there was definitely a gender barrier and honestly it wasn’t something I was interested in. I’m definitely in the right frame of mind now. The show is really a mess but I think that this quirkiness is really funny sometimes. The show’s pacing is weird, the rotoscoped animation is surreal and the plots are super predictable but it’s an eighties kids show which somehow excuses a lot. The show is over the top all the time and follows a music group trying to gain success in order to support an orphanage. It has at least two music videos per episode and honestly they’re all kind of catchy. I can’t say I would recommend watching this but why not check out an episode or three like I did?


Inside Out

I finally got out to the movie theater. Of course, I was the only adult who attended without a kid or three in tow. The movie follows the exploits of emotions who live in an 11 year old girl’s head and guide her through life. I went in expecting it to be really good as about 90% of Pixar’s movies are really, really awesome. I was definitely not disappointed. Even with little kids making a lot of noise all around me, I really enjoyed the movie. It was smart and funny and full of jokes that the whole family could enjoy. The movie also delivered a lot of heavy emotional body blows which has become a Pixar trademark. I really don’t want to give anything away but while this wasn’t the best Pixar movie ever, it was miles above most animated movies. Amy Poehler in particular surprised me by how good her acting was. Definitely go see it if you like animated movies or you have a kid.


Jurrasic World

I walked right out of Inside Out and right into a different theater to check out Jurassic World. I have loved the franchise since the first movie was released back in the nineties. While other people crapped all over the sequels, I really liked them although I readily admit that they could have been better. The first was always the best as it blended humor, wonder and horror pretty close to perfectly. I think that this installment brought a lot of that back. It especially brought back the horror for me as there were several spots where a knot tightened in my stomach. Chris Pratt was a great choice for lead and Bryce Dallas Howard worked with him very well. I was actually pretty shocked that the child actors weren’t bad, in fact they were the best we’ve seen in a Jurrasic Park movie. The effects are very close to perfect and I got lost in the sci-fi world of the franchise yet again. I would recommend seeing this one as well.
In Other News:
– The second season of Bojack Horseman is excellent so far (3 episodes in)
– I’ve watched more Garfunkel and Oates and it gets even better (5 episodes in)
– Ditto for the Vampire Diaries (8 episodes in)
– And again with Boston Legal (12 episodes in)

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