Media Update 8/20/2015

Rick and Morty (Season 2)

I cannot recommend this show enough. On its surface, it looks like a silly animated sci-fi adventure. It is that, as it was created by Dan Harmon (creator of Community) and Justin Roiland (Voice actor extraordinaire). However, the show is really surprising for a lot of reasons. First, the show is incredibly smart. Like Community, the show is very aware of genre and itself and constantly goes in directions I wasn’t expecting. Second, the show is actually really dark. On numerous occasions the show has gotten me laughing and then shown me something heartbreaking or horrifying and I can’t stop laughing due to momentum. It’s not just stunts meant to shock you. Everything on the show is calculated to tell you more about the characters or the world they live in. The second season builds on what the first season achieved and makes it even better. The sci-fi concepts are often tried and true but the new spins their given make the show fresh, funny and smart as hell.


Bones (Season 9)

I caught Bones when it first came out because I was a pretty big fan of reruns of Angel and Buffy and David Boreanaz was supposed to be the star. What I got was a pretty smart procedural show that focuses on forensics in a way I hadn’t really seen before. I know the science doesn’t always match up with real world science but I’m always willing to accept that for the sake of good stories. Bones gave me good stories but it did so by giving me good characters. Booth and Bones (the leads of the show) are very different but complimentary characters. It’s fun to watch them interact with each other and with other characters. The supporting cast has always been excellent and has only become more excellent as it grew. I stopped watching the show at some point, probably because I was distracted by some other show. This week I decided to reconnect and randomly started at Season 9. It was really good. If anything, the show has gotten better as Bones, who is hyper-rational, has become a little less robotic and more human as the show has progressed. I adore the supporting characters, especially the token artist character Angela who has somehow learned to live and work with scientist types. I’m looking forward to watching more episodes but I may try to find where I dropped off and continue from there instead. Or not. I’m not a stickler for continuity.


Supernatural: The Animation

I wasn’t expecting to stumble on this show this week. I’ve only seen the above trailer and the first episode but I think I can comment a little on it. I’m a fan of Supernatural because it really pays off for fans who stick with it. Also, the characters and actors are top notch and could sell even the weakest scripts. Thankfully, the writing is pretty good and has kept me entertained when I decide to catch up on the show in bursts. The CW show is an hour long supernatural drama where two brothers combat the forces of evil. The anime is a half hour anime adaptation done by a Japanese studio. Each episode is a condensed version of an episode from the original series. The first episode adapts “Skin” into an episode called “Alter-Ego” and it’s actually pretty good. They alter the original plot but you still hit the basic plot points that the original hit. It’s pretty good but so far it just lacks the gravity of the original. The American version uses Jared Paladecki’s voice but Jensen Ackles was busy so it sounds a little like Sam is talking to some other brother we never knew about. Still, it’s worth a look for Supernatural fans to see a slightly different take on the original show.


Awesome Links of the Week:
Rick and Summer Beat Down (from Rick and Morty)
Castiel Meets the Ghosfacers
I Burgie Burgie Commercial
Rick and Morty Meet the Simpsons


– I finished Season 4 of Bob’s Burgers and it’s so good but I have to wait for Season 5.
– I finished Season 2 of Agents of Shield and I can’t wait for Season 3! (But I have to)
– I wish I had a DVR but I must rely heavily on Netflix and Youtube.
– I’ve started work on reviewing things for Halloween 2015. I love Halloween!

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