Media Update 8/27/2015

Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp

When I first saw Wet Hot American Summer, I enjoyed it but I mostly forgot it. At age 17, I didn’t fully appreciate the humor of the movie. I was in the climax of my teenage angst also known as Senior Year. This caused me to focus in on one storyline which was the storyline of the social outcasts and geeks saving the world while the popular kids had no idea. I recently rewatched the movie and realized that it’s filled to the brim with a lot of absurd humor that really struck a nerve with me. The movie was also better as I am way more familiar with the entire cast than I was in 2001. Almost all of them went on to achieve fame and success, some of them are now extremely famous. In 2001 all of them were about 10 years too old to portray teenagers. Now, in 2015 they are 24 years too old to play teenagers. Everybody’s wigs look even more ridiculous and the 1981 time period feels even more dated but that’s the joke. One of the things I noticed is that everybody is more skilled at comedy as everybody has more experience. They added in new characters who actually fit pretty seamlessly with major new plot points which have me intrigued. I’m only two episodes in but I love it already.



So I’ve watched the first series of this show because Netflix and my mother suggested it. Also, I hadn’t watched much British television in a while since there’s been no Sherlock or Doctor Who episodes for a while. I like British television. It’s got different pacing and most of the cast is usually full of good actors I’ve never seen before. I hadn’t heard of Vexed but I thought I’d give it a try. I don’t know what I was expecting but I wasn’t expecting the show to be so irreverent and quirky. The show (at least the first series) follows two London police detectives who never once enter a police station and instead work out of a nearby pub. The lead detective is Jack Thompson who is slovenly, lazy and incompetent but ends up being pretty funny. His partner is Kate Bishop who is by-the-book but very naive and actually a bit ditzy. The two clash constantly but end up solving really easy crimes despite their incompetence. The humor reminds me a little of Psych and Ace Ventura. The leads are supported by an eccentric supporting cast who are a little subtler in their weirdness but not by much. The show rolled by pretty pleasantly and I would suggest checking it out, even if it’s only on in the background



I couldn’t complete this one. This is the movie that Wesley Snipes was making when he got arrested and charged with tax evasion and had to make a deal so he could continue to film this in Namibia. He stars as a cowboy in God knows where who is cursed to have all the people he kills come back from the grave to seek revenge. It kind of has the feel of Mad Max meets from Dusk till Dawn and then inject cough syrup into the mixture. It’s weird, it’s slow and there’s very little dialogue to explain what the hell is going on. What little dialogue there is, you could drive a truck through the epic Shatnerian pauses. Snipes is apparently a one man zombie apocalypse source but he’s supposed to be a good guy. Also, there’s bad guys who killed his significant other so he wants revenge even if — Wait. My brain just broke. Diamond Dallas Page is supposedly in the movie but I either missed him or I didn’t make it to his part. A guy with his kind of charisma is wasted on something like this. At an hour and 13 minutes it’s too long.
Links of the Week:
Pokemon Unchained – Wow. Pokemon mixed with Django Unchained
From the Margins – A twitter feed of short stories of sexism in journalism and music
Cracked- After Hours – Worst Childhood Lessons
Sonic Dreams Collection


– I finished Bones Season 9. Very well done, killer cliffhanger
– I’m still chugging along on Halloween
– I also didn’t finish Avengers Grimm which was bad
– I didn’t finish Underworld: Evolution either. It was mediocre
– I really need to get back out to the theaters. I’m slacking.

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