Media Update 9/3/2015

Well, I didn’t really watch anything new this week except for Halloween stuff and I’m saving that so here’s some of what I’ve been watching lately anyway.


The other week I talked about the Supernatural animated series. However, in addition to checking that curiosity out, I’ve been delving back into the main series. I’ve mostly been catching up on parts of the 8th and 9th seasons that I had missed. The characters of the show are just as compelling as they were by the end of season one. Especially the personalities of and relationship between Dean and Sam Winchester. They are very different personality types but also very similar people. The separation between those two statements is one of the most interesting things about the show. The brothers come into conflict or work together based on their experience, emotions and slightly different backgrounds. It’s always interesting to follow a show this long as you become very familiar with the way things work. Sometimes the show uses this familiarity to surprise you or to assure you that you do know exactly what should happen. I love Castiel but the character I love most is Charlie who is used sparingly but she always has the best episodes. I’m interested in seeing season 10 when it becomes available to me.

Once Upon a Time

This was a show that I watched with my mom for a while because I enjoyed it so much and I believed that it was really intelligent. I still believe that even if it got too complicated for the casual viewer to really follow it. It’s made by some of the people responsible for Lost so it was kind of inevitable that the plot would become more complex as we learned more about each character’s history. Slowly we’ve been fed more information about Disney characters to create a rich, interconnected tapestry. At some point, the show acknowledged how contrived some of the coincidences are and they just rolled with it. They could have retconned or ended the series but instead they roughly explained it away and I’m actually satisfied with it. If it were any other series I might be displeased with the introduction of The Author but it works here. Now that the back half of Season 4 has been released I have been consuming it again heavily.

Links of the Week

Straight Outta Gotham
Where Are They Now: 90’s Websites
The Darkness- I Believe in a Thing Called Love
Workin’ as a Waitress in a Cocktail Bar

– Still chugging away at Halloween
– Had a lot of plans for this week but it kind of fell apart
– I’ve also been watching a lot of Criminal Minds lately
– PAX happened and convention panels are awesome

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