Media Update 10/1/2015


I’ve made no secret how much a fan of Game Grumps I am but let’s move past that because they’re friends with Rooster Teeth. It was through this association that I first heard about RWBY. In fact I think it was from a t-shirt Ross O’Donovan was wearing. The show popped up on Netflix so I decided to look into it. The description used a magic word when it comes to me picking what to read or watch. The word was “Grimm”. If you’ve read this blog enough, you know that I like the works and imagery of the Brothers Grimm. Aside from some heavy imagery at the very beginning of the series, they don’t really use Brothers Grimm. Grimm are evil monsters that Hunters are trained to battle and destroy. The show is very anime-inspired and visually exciting. I love the idea of color-coding characters and giving them a distinct visual style which raises them above and makes them look like superheroes. The animation takes a bit of getting used to but the movement is beautiful, especially the magical weapons the heroes use. Definitely check it out if you like a good action anime with a bit of drama thrown in.


Person of Interest

I have several friends who have watched this show and recommended it. I finally got around to checking it out because it’s on Netflix now. I really got sucked into it. The show (six episodes in) is about a billionaire named Finch who has invented a vast software network that tracks human behavior and movement and spits out a social security number. That social security number is either the perpetrator or victim of a deadly crime and it’s up to Reese to stop it before it happens. The show is filled with ways that technology can betray us as it is used to spy on us even if the spy has noble intentions. Reese and Finch investigate people without their knowledge in order to get close to them. What I really like about the show is the action and the characters. Each episode you get to know new characters who are written to be very human. You also get to learn a little bit more about Reese and Finch and why they’re so determined to save these people’s lives. Definitely check it out. I hear it gets even better during the second season.


Sons of Anarchy

I started to watch Sons of Anarchy again today (Wednesday) and I forgot how much I like the show. I started up season two after a long, long break and I wasn’t disappointed. The show, of course, is about a motorcycle gang operating in a fictional California town. The show came out the same year as Breaking Bad and the two ruled basic cable together for a while. The two also both center around main characters involved in criminal conspiracies. However, I’d say Sons of Anarchy is a much more enjoyable show. The show really has interesting characters who get themselves into fixes that are fun to watch them get out of. The show also has two of my favorite actors in Katey Sagal and Ron Perlman and I’m really getting to like relative unknown Charlie Hunnam. I’ll keep watching this new (to me) season where they’re apparently fighting nazis.


The Fontanelles – Kiss Kicker ’99
It’s Still Good!
The Warning – Exterminated
Key and Peele – Gremlins 2
Panic at the Disco – This is Halloween

– I finished Gotham Season One and it was really, really good
– Finally caught the first two Doctor Who episodes of the new season. Wow.
– I will be talking about Larry Wilmore and Trevor Noah soon
– I know what I said yesterday but there’s still glorious Halloween work to do

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