Aftershocks: Demon Days Pt. 1


Aftershocks 2

Lydia Brewster got up from her seat in History class when the bell rang and rubbed her eyes. It was tough trying to adjust to a new town and a new school but after a while, it had been necessary. After fighting off a demon and dealing with a semi-related haunting, it had been hard to sleep at night. She had found ways to cope. Her first thought had been alcohol and pills but that’s what her mother did and she wasn’t going to be her mother. The only option was to learn how to fight back in the future and not rely on dumb luck. By day she was a relatively attentive high school student, by night she was an amateur witch. The magical arts were starting to feel natural like a nice, warm security blanket.

She turned the last digit on her locker combination and opened it up to change out books for the next class. She was in a daze, tired from a late night of reading and trying out some new defensive spells. Thankfully her goth look covered up the dark circles under her eyes. She barely reacted when Nancy thrust her head from the shadows deep in Lydia’s locker.

“Good Morning, Lyds!” She said, a little too energetic for Lydia’s taste.

“I told you not to call me that. Also, it’s afternoon, Nancy.”

“I know, I just like saying ‘Good Morning’ a lot”

Nancy’s bright blonde locks and blue eyes and tendency to wear actual colors made her quite the contrast from Lydia. Her personality was also way sunnier than Lydia could ever muster even on her best day. However, the two of them still had a lot in common. Both of them had had brushes with demonic entities and both of them had magical skill. Of course, Nancy had a tendency to flaunt hers without realizing it such as teleporting into Lydia’s locker instead of waiting next to it like a normal person. Lydia grabbed her arm, squishing against that same ratty striped sweater she always wore and pulled her out of the locker before anybody could see.

“It’s no use arguing with you. What’s going on, Nancy?” Lydia proceeded to change her books out as she intended now that the obstacle was removed.

“Dreams. Nightmares.” Nancy replied, suddenly serious.

It was always dreams and nightmares with Nancy. Ever since Nancy’s defeat of an evil demon, she had manifested magical abilities and nagging prophetic dreams. In the short time that the two had known each other, they had learned to take the dreams seriously. Nightmares could only mean something bad on the horizon.

“What are we dealing with? It’s not one of them, right?” Lydia asked.

“No. It’s not both of them either.” She looked around as if anybody would pay attention to the two of them. They were usually ignored and usually liked it that way.

“Cute. That’s what it isn’t. What is it?”

“Demons are coming. Demons plural, Lyds. What are we going to do?” Nancy asked, desperation in her eyes.

“We fight them, Nancy. Like before. When are they coming?”

“Um… 6 o’clock, I think. The gym.” Nancy said

“Then I’ll see you at 6 o’clock. Be ready to rumble.” Lydia said and turned to walk to class, slamming her locker before walking away. She could feel the warmth of Nancy’s smile behind her and she couldn’t help but smile too. Demons coming and the only two people who could save the day were smiling. It must be a ridiculous amount of brain damage.

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