Aftershocks: Demon Days Pt. 2

Aftershocks 2

The parking lot was empty when Lydia and Nancy showed up. They hadn’t talked on the way and both of them had a look of determination on their faces. They had the look of two people who had dealt with demons and had come back changed forever. Lydia began to move her hand to cast the protection spell. In her other hand, she carried a baseball bat because her magic could only stretch so far. Nancy had no weapon but had sworn that she would be fine. The two of them looked at each other, nodded and started across the parking lot toward the gym.

A car suddenly screamed across the parking lot. It came to a stop with its bumper grinding against one of the concrete barriers that bordered the parking lot. Lydia started toward the car and felt Nancy following her. She was sure this was a trap. A boy in a long tan coat jumped out of the driver’s seat. He had short black hair and a serious expression on his face. He seemed not to notice the two girls standing a few feet away as he moved to root through the trunk.

“Hey kid, you shouldn’t be here,” Lydia called out. She tried to look casual with a baseball bat in her hand but that was just impossible.

The kid, who must have been no more than ten, looked up sharply. “You’re the ones who shouldn’t be here. I’ve got private business inside.”

Nancy smirked. “That’s the high school. You want the middle school down the street.”

The boy looked at them sharply. “Look, there are demons inside of that gym. I’ve followed the signs and I know what I have to do.” The boy’s eyes were so fiercely blue that Lydia almost wanted to take a step back. The boy turned his attention back to the trunk.

“How do you know about the demons?” Lydia asked softly.

The boy paused and looked at them again. “Wait, did you know about the demons too? Oh wait, you’re witches aren’t you?”

Lydia barely stopped herself from bugging her eyes out. “Who are you, kid? What are you?”

“My name’s Rob. I just know things because of my dad or at least that’s what my mom says.” The boy said and obviously didn’t want to talk about that as he went back to the trunk. “I know I’m supposed to take those demons out too.”

“It’s dangerous to go alone,” Nancy said, hugging her arms around that same sweater. “There’s a lot of them in there. I saw them in my dreams. We can help you.”

Rob looked them over and shrugged. “I’ve never actually done this before. I could probably use your help but I don’t really trust you yet.”

“God, you’re really honest. Fair enough. What’s in the trunk?” Lydia asked. Rob stepped aside and let Lydia and Nancy look into the trunk. Inside there was what looked like an arsenal. There were axes, swords and a lot of guns.

“Holy shit, you’re a little kid. How’d you get a car and all these weapons?” Nancy asked, probably a little too loudly. Lydia put a hand on her shoulder and she calmed down a little, giving Lydia a sheepish little smile.

“Inherited from dad,” Rob said with a noncommittal little shrug. “Are we going to kill demons or what?” He grabbed a shotgun out of the car and checked the ammo.

“We’re going to kill demons,” Lydia said as she switched her baseball bat out for a sword. “Let’s go.”

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