So I didn’t intend to seek out another Empire Pictures movie, it just sort of happened. I picked the movies fairly randomly and based on my tastes in horror movies. I tend to lean towards the sillier horror movies because they’re a lot more fun. I shy away from torture, hauntings and found footage. TerrorVision looked like it might be a silly little movie but I was worried it might be a movie I’d seen before. Satisfied that this was an all new movie to review, I decided to give it a shot.

So obviously, Charles Band strikes again with this one being one year later than Ghoulies. As soon as the movie began I was interested to see how different this would be from Ghoulies. I was interested to see that the movie had more in common with the wackiness of the later Full Moon Pictures. The movie has a really campy feel to it, a strange mix between Batman ’66 and the way Vincent D’Onofrio acted in Men in Black. Just about everybody acts so weird that it’s really hard to be too scared of anything. The colors are straight out of a Cyndi Lauper music video and the people wear some 80’s fashions that I’m sure nobody ever really wore.

In fact, the eighties-ness of the movie is far weirder than anything else the movie throws at you. You’re instantly greeted by a woman in spandex workout gear who is the uptight, horrible mother. The leisure suit wearing dad might as well have a pipe clamped between his teeth and is an equally horrible parent. The grandpa is weird, his brains rattled from some unnamed war. The daughter looks like Cyndi Lauper exploded all over her and the son is in camo. Beyond that is punk, swinging, early MTV, Science Fiction, comedy and horror thrown in a blender and then splattered everywhere.

I get the feeling that the movie is trying to make a weird comment on the dangers of television but the message is kind of lost in the mix. Sure the family in question literally has a television in every room but we usually don’t get monsters coming out of our television sets no matter how obsessed we are with television. When it comes to lessons, I think we’re left with one of the oldest lessons that horror movies teach us. When a kid says there’s a monster running amuck you believe him. Also, don’t drug your kids into oblivion so that they don’t bother you while you’re engaging in swinging.

The movie had a lot of dated references but that just manages to up the camp factor which makes the movie weirder and funnier. I have to add points to the imaginary scorecard because the movie took a shot at ET, a movie I’ve always hated. After four years, I suppose it was time for a televison-based monster alien to invade instead. In the end the movie was way better than I thought it was even if it was more science fiction than horror. I would suggest you check it out if you can stomach campy humor.

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