Media Update 11/5/2015

Walt Disney Animated Studios Short Films

I had been waiting for this collection to be released for quite a while. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m a huge Disney nerd. I love short animation because there’s so much freedom when you don’t have to worry about setting up a sequel or a second episode. Disney is definitely a master of the animated short and they include them in a lot of their DVD/Bluray releases as a bonus. I was surprised by how few of these I had seen. Out of twelve shorts I had only seen one (Paperman) and that is because I haven’t snapped up all of the DVD releases. So how were the shorts? Brilliant. Some of them made me cry and I don’t mean just tear up. Disney has an impressive ability to hit me right where it hurts the most but I end up smiling through the tears. I’m not ashamed to admit it. All of them were great but I especially loved Frozen Fever as I could spend forever with those characters. I was most surprised by the quality of John Henry because it was so cute, sad and joyous all at the same time. Definitely check this out.

Back in Time

I saw this on Netflix and I had heard some buzz about it and the timing seemed perfect since Back to the Future Day recently passed. I love the Back to the Future franchise a lot. I think the second one is probably my favorite but only because the original built such a strong foundation. Hell, I can’t decide. Anyway, I was excited to learn some more about one of my favorite franchises. The documentary opens with Dan Harmon (Co-Creator of Rick and Morty and story structure expert) which allowed me to wade into the movie slowly at first. Then we got all the reminiscing and explaining how things came together. We even got some footage of Eric Stoltz which was understandably underwhelming but neat to see. They don’t pull any punches on the Stoltz or the Crispin Glover stuff which was nice to see. I did end up turning it off about two thirds in because it became less about the movie and more about fan response to the movie. I say watch it for the cast and crew memories but you don’t have to watch a guy propose to his girlfriend after building a replica time machine.

Chinese Zodiac

So I decided it was about time for another crazy Kung Fu movie from China as a great palate cleanser after all of the intensive Halloween experience. I have been a fan of Jackie Chan ever since he made landfall in the United States. However, I went back and watched a lot of his movies from before Rumble in the Bronx and they’re brilliant. There’s a lot of charm and excitiement that goes into a Jackie Chan movie and little to no CGI or wire work. All of the fight scenes are amazing and full of innovative use of the environment or props. This movie was a lot of fun from the first frame until the last. The action almost never stops and neither does the comedy. However, the movie was interesting as it dealt a lot with the antiques market and the counterfeiting of antiques. It also deals with the ransacking of China by European nations over a century ago. It’s actually pretty fascinating to see them deal with the issue of differentiating the people who committed a war crime with their (sometimes) innocent descendants. This is definitely worth a watch.

Cool Links of the Week:
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Sleepytime Junction

– Blacklist continues to be excellent
– I want to see Bridge of Spies. Maybe this weekend.
– I will buckle down and watch Supergirl. Probably tonight.
– Jon Stewart inked a new deal with HBO Now. Exciting!
– Supernatural episode “Fan Fiction” was perfect
– I ordered Squirrel Girl Vol. 1. It’s in the mail!


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