Media Update 11/19/2015

Twin Peaks

I completely missed Twin Peaks since I was eight when it originally came out. Also, David Lynch is one of the weirdest directors to get studio funding. A lot of people find it hard to wrap their head around Lynch’s work and I am no different. Twin Peaks is probably closes to a murder mystery/soap opera with strange paranormal overtones and undertones. It is surreal in all the best ways (and I know I overuse that term). However, it can be a little complicated to follow and I don’t think it’s entirely because it’s a murder mystery with a lot of side plots. Some of the actors look too much like each other so that I got confused early on. Still, those actors all do a really good job with extra tips of the hat to Kyle MacLachlan and Ray Wise. The show is strange and dream-like and I feel like it takes repeated viewings to understand everything. However, I really like it and suggest people try it out if they like weird stuff.

W/ Bob & David

So I did not discover Mr. Show while it was originally airing. My friends and I were probably busy fawning over Monty Python and various other legitimately good but older things. Eventually I saw a clip and I was sucked into watching the rest of it as I struggled to DVR what I could. Now it’s years later and they have put up five episodes of a new show on Netflix. The show may be even better than it was. It’s very self-aware and intentionally very silly. One sketch flows into another without pause and then sometimes we’ll revisit an earlier sketch before moving on again. In many ways it is a spiritual cousin of Monty Python’s Flying Circus and Kids in the Hall. Bob Odenkirk and David Cross have a great energy that is contagious. They also make good use of guys like Tom Kenny, Brian Posehn and a bunch more funny people. Definitely check it out.

Late Night with Stephen Colbert

Fair Warning: I haven’t watched a lot of the new Late Night. Of course, I didn’t watch a lot of the old Late Night either. I respected Letterman and preferred him to Leno but the truth was that I watched neither of them because I either had to go to sleep or there were other things on. I’m a huge fan of Stephen Colbert through The Daily Show and The Colbert Report so I knew I would eventually have to check his new show out. Now, I have. There was a lot of speculation and anxiety people had concerning the possiblity that Colbert would fail without the character he cultivated on his two previous shows. He does just fine without it because comic timing and good jokes do not rely on character. He still makes me laugh and the best part is that he’s allowed to be himself now (as much as yourself you can be as a network tv host). The comedy is also pretty grownup but still allowed to be silly. The interviews are smart and the segments are great. Check it out if you get the chance but I won’t blame you if you fall asleep before it comes on.

Links of the Week:

If Ronda Rousey Was in Street Fighter II
Bruce Campbell’s Colbert Impression
Dark – Hot Pepper Game Review feat. Ninja Brian
Jim Henson’s Diary Found (Fake)
Grumpcade – Dogs


– Started watching Z (The Zelda Fitzgerald show on Amazon). It’s good
– Congrats to Jonah Ray for MST3K but Mike and Kevin are still not involved
– Blacklist just gets better and better
– The Muppets is great but I worry about the upcoming reboot
– I am enjoying playing Fallout 3

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