Strange Tides 2

Trin was drowsing a little at the helm when Captain Gavriel burst from his quarters and onto the deck. His uniform jacket and his long hair blew in the wind behind him as he made his way toward her. Trin grabbed the wheel a little more tightly and tried not to look too embarassed. Gavriel came stomping up the stairs and Trin immediately stood straight as possible in response to his energy. She respected him a lot and felt awful.

“I’m sorry, sir! I let the boat drift somewhat. I won’t let it happen again!” She said, saluting with one hand and holding the wheel with the other.

“No need to apologize, Trin. You have drifted the boat right on schedule. We are exactly where we need to be. Well, we will be shortly.” He said with a sunny smile and glance at the horizon.

Trin couldn’t keep the keep the surprise and relief from her face. “Excellent, sir.” She said, trying not to stumble over those few words.

“Trin, meet me near the mast and have somebody keep us on this exact heading.” Gavriel said and strode off in that direction.

Trin made the arrangements, rousing Dorel to attend to the helm. She made her way down to the deck. She only paused to smooth our her clothes and tighten her braids a little. “Sir, I’m here.”

“And exactly on time again. Observe!” Gavriel shouted and a purple rippling light filled the deck. Trin grabbed the grip of her pistol since she was no good with the mostly ceremonial sword on her back. Before she could pull out her pistol, Gavriel grabbed her arm and shook his head. Somhow, he looked even more commanding in that purple light and she found herself relaxing and letting go of her pistol.

The air bent and rippled around them and the sea wind seemed to vanish immediately and completely. A creature suddenly stepped out of a section of that rippling air, a creature like nothing Trin had never seen before. It had skin more purple than the light that played over everything. It was completely hairless and had five eyes, claws and big sharp teeth. Yet, it walked on two legs like a human. It towered over them at what looked like nine feet tall.

“What is it?” She asked softly, the lack of sound on the air made her quiet.

“It is the guardian of the Cliffs of Cahm among other things as specifically commissioned by Lord Rawkley. Stay exactly where you are.” Gavriel said calmly and firmly. He had a funny-looking dagger in his hand which he held up between himself and the creature. As he raised the dagger, a bright white circle lit up around them and Trin took care to remain standing inside of it.

“That should protect us.” Gavriel yelled over a suddenly loud humming noise.

“Should, sir?” Trin yelled, gripping her pistol again for comfort if nothing else.

“You worry too much, Trin. You should learn to relax!” He shouted with a crazy grin on his face. “Galvatare! Tonnica! Entangre!” He yelled into the air. The whole deck lit up, the design of a pentacle pulsing in the very wood of the deck. The creature’s expression turned panicked instead of angry. It thrust both of its arms at Gavriel and Trin but an invisible barrier prevented the attack. The hum grew to an unbearable volume and the boat seemed to shake. There was a blinding flash and when Trin’s vision cleared the creature was gone. Gavriel’s dagger radiated with a purple light.

“Where did it go, sir?” Trin asked.

“Into the dagger, Trin. The danger has past for now. Rouse the crew and have somebody point us in a northerly heading.” Gavriel said, stepping from the circle which was now dimming. “Then get yourself to a bed.”

“Sir, are we not heading to the now unguarded Cliffs of Cahm?” She asked.

“No,” Gavriel said as he held up the dagger between them, “We got what we came for.” He walked toward his quarters without anothe word.

Trin looked around the deck and it was only in that moment that she noticed the entire crew had passed out. She walked toward the first sleeping crew member, wondering what she had gotten herself into.


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