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Media Update 12/10/2015

December 10, 2015

Soaked in Bleach

I have to admit something to you, dear reader. I love conspiracies. I don’t really believe in any conspiracies (other than criminal conspiracies proved by law enforcement) but it’s fun to read the thought processes of conspiracy theorists. One of the biggest conspiracy theories of my generation is the one surrounding the death of Kurt Cobain. I was devastated when Cobain died as I was a pretty big Nirvana fan and I felt that they were really just hitting their stride when Cobain died. It was always spoken among Nirvana fans that Courtney Love had Cobain killed and sold it as a suicide. We didn’t want to believe that somebody talented and famous would commit suicide. I always regarded it as wishful thinking since that story would make things right somehow. Now they release this documentary and I’m convinced that the investigation should be reopened. There are just two many questions and they should be officially answered.

Men in Black 3
I really liked Men in Black. It was a classy little movie that capitalized on a skyrocketing Will Smith clashing with the tone of Tommy Lee Jones. It pulled that familiar trick of showing us a hidden world just out of our sight. It was also a surprisingly touching movie for an action/comedy/sci-fi film especially one made in the nineties. The sequel kind of felt like it removed a lot of the charm and kind of just through a bland plot with bland characters together. So it was with a little wariness that I finally decided to check out the third film. I was pleasantly surprised because they seemed to bring back just about everything that made the first one good. Will Smith felt like he was on point and committed to the movie and he was really funny. Josh Brolin was a great replacement for Tommy Lee Jones who had a few great scenes himself. Jermain Clement almost stole the show with a corny but great villain to rival D’Onofrio’s turn in the first film. It was funny, interesting and surprisingly touching once again. I’m glad I put the second movie behind me and checked this one out.

Into the Badlands

So the constant trailers and promos looked really good for Into the Badlands so I decided I needed to check it out. I like world-building television shows and the world they created looked really ambitious during the commercials. The show is really beautiful. Whoever is designing the costumes, sets, props and casting for the show, all of those people are doing their job right. The world is indeed expansive and I love discovering new crumbs of information about how their society works and what made it that way. The fight sequences are among some of the best I’ve seen, especially for a television show. A lot of them are like a mix between Hong Kong action moves and anime. All of the acting is right on target. For the most part, the actors embody interesting characters in a very visceral way. The only problem I have is that some of the writing is boring. The central plots are interesting but they sometimes get lost in boring sideplots about double-dealing family members. It’s a small complaint in a pretty good show.
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360 Degree Nintendo

-Anybody who apologizes for or feels bad for Kilgrave should never talk to me
– I finished Jessica Jones and I want more already
– Gorillaz and David Bowie might be working together. Yes!
– I’m kind of tired of the Minions and I haven’t even seen the movie
– Why is Netflix promoting The Ridculous Six? It looks ridiculously horrible
– I’m excited for the Star Wars hype to end

Strange Tides 2

December 6, 2015

Trin was drowsing a little at the helm when Captain Gavriel burst from his quarters and onto the deck. His uniform jacket and his long hair blew in the wind behind him as he made his way toward her. Trin grabbed the wheel a little more tightly and tried not to look too embarassed. Gavriel came stomping up the stairs and Trin immediately stood straight as possible in response to his energy. She respected him a lot and felt awful.

“I’m sorry, sir! I let the boat drift somewhat. I won’t let it happen again!” She said, saluting with one hand and holding the wheel with the other.

“No need to apologize, Trin. You have drifted the boat right on schedule. We are exactly where we need to be. Well, we will be shortly.” He said with a sunny smile and glance at the horizon.

Trin couldn’t keep the keep the surprise and relief from her face. “Excellent, sir.” She said, trying not to stumble over those few words.

“Trin, meet me near the mast and have somebody keep us on this exact heading.” Gavriel said and strode off in that direction.

Trin made the arrangements, rousing Dorel to attend to the helm. She made her way down to the deck. She only paused to smooth our her clothes and tighten her braids a little. “Sir, I’m here.”

“And exactly on time again. Observe!” Gavriel shouted and a purple rippling light filled the deck. Trin grabbed the grip of her pistol since she was no good with the mostly ceremonial sword on her back. Before she could pull out her pistol, Gavriel grabbed her arm and shook his head. Somhow, he looked even more commanding in that purple light and she found herself relaxing and letting go of her pistol.

The air bent and rippled around them and the sea wind seemed to vanish immediately and completely. A creature suddenly stepped out of a section of that rippling air, a creature like nothing Trin had never seen before. It had skin more purple than the light that played over everything. It was completely hairless and had five eyes, claws and big sharp teeth. Yet, it walked on two legs like a human. It towered over them at what looked like nine feet tall.

“What is it?” She asked softly, the lack of sound on the air made her quiet.

“It is the guardian of the Cliffs of Cahm among other things as specifically commissioned by Lord Rawkley. Stay exactly where you are.” Gavriel said calmly and firmly. He had a funny-looking dagger in his hand which he held up between himself and the creature. As he raised the dagger, a bright white circle lit up around them and Trin took care to remain standing inside of it.

“That should protect us.” Gavriel yelled over a suddenly loud humming noise.

“Should, sir?” Trin yelled, gripping her pistol again for comfort if nothing else.

“You worry too much, Trin. You should learn to relax!” He shouted with a crazy grin on his face. “Galvatare! Tonnica! Entangre!” He yelled into the air. The whole deck lit up, the design of a pentacle pulsing in the very wood of the deck. The creature’s expression turned panicked instead of angry. It thrust both of its arms at Gavriel and Trin but an invisible barrier prevented the attack. The hum grew to an unbearable volume and the boat seemed to shake. There was a blinding flash and when Trin’s vision cleared the creature was gone. Gavriel’s dagger radiated with a purple light.

“Where did it go, sir?” Trin asked.

“Into the dagger, Trin. The danger has past for now. Rouse the crew and have somebody point us in a northerly heading.” Gavriel said, stepping from the circle which was now dimming. “Then get yourself to a bed.”

“Sir, are we not heading to the now unguarded Cliffs of Cahm?” She asked.

“No,” Gavriel said as he held up the dagger between them, “We got what we came for.” He walked toward his quarters without anothe word.

Trin looked around the deck and it was only in that moment that she noticed the entire crew had passed out. She walked toward the first sleeping crew member, wondering what she had gotten herself into.

Media Update 12/3/2015

December 3, 2015

Hunger Games: Mockingjay Pt. 2

So my Dad and I met up on Sunday and fully intended to go and see Spectre at the Senator Theater. The Senator is still my favorite movie theater followed by the (now closed) Rotunda and the Hunt Valley Regal. Unfortunately, Spectre was sold out and on a whim we decided to watch Mockingjay instead in the big theater. We sat down just as the movie was starting but I don’t think we missed anything. What I *was* missing was seeing every other movie in the series. Now, I read the first book so I wasn’t completely lost but there was obviously a lot I had missed. The movie depicts a very dark, post apocalyptic United States that is very close to being overthrown. There was a lot of interesting political intrigue and studies in what ptsd does to a person (especially the young). I thought all of the acting was great and the movie was shot really well. The pacing was a bit slow in places but the story, although a bit predictable, was interesting to watch. I have to give special tips of the hat to Natalie Dormer, Donald Sutherland, Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence. It made me want to go back and watch the other films (minus the first one, I guess).

Taxi Brooklyn

I decided to check this series out since it shares a castmember with Supergirl. The show is about a gung ho Brooklyn detective (Chyler Leigh) who is forced to rely on the skils and transportation of a French-born taxi driver (Jacky Ido). You might recognize this as the loose plot from Taxi, the horrible Jimmy Fallon/Queen Latifah film. It’s not related to that. It is instead related to a 1998 French film from Luc Besson. This show deals with human emotion and how a city lives and breathes. Chyler Leigh does a great job as a guarded and antisocial cop who was thrust into the spotlight reluctantly. It’s hard to expect anything else after seeing her on Supergirl. Jacky Ido often steals the show as a charismatic, touchy feely and extremely intelligent taxi driver. The show is a pretty good procedural with a few comic touches and a non-stop kind of feeling. It’s only 12 episodes so I’ll probably watch the whole thing.

Fallout 3

I definitely feel more comfortable writing about this game now that I’ve finished the main story. Also, I’m playing it at a time that everybody is playing the sequel. From what I can gather, the world of the game is eternally stuck in 1961 because that’s when the Chinese infiltrated and bombed the United States. You emerge from a sealed vault northwest of what was once Washington DC and try to survive. Many things are different from our Washington DC but all of the important landmarks are there and it’s creepy to walk past it all and see it completely rekt. The world has become a pretty nasty but simple place where you try to survive roving raiders, irradiated animals, super mutants and the politics of native armies trying to prove their superiority. You have the choice to be a good guy, a bad guy and everything in between. As a friend of mine wisely said, the fun in the game comes from exploring. Even after finishing the main story and hitting the level cap I’m still finding new areas. The game doesn’t spoon feed you all of the plot either, it lets you discover bits and pieces from journal entries and dialogue choices. The gameplay is really good too once you get used to it. The only caveat I have is that the game is really dark (both emotionally and also it’s hard to see sometimes).

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Heat Vision and Jack
Hell’s Bells (1929)
Canceled Avengers Game 

– Peter Jackson will direct an episode of Doctor Who
– I realize I still need to see SPECTRE
– But Krampus comes out this weekend…
– Jessica Jones is so, so good (Yes I got the title wrong last week)
– Twin Peaks kind of craps out a certain point
– Fran Bow is a weird, weird game

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