Media Update 1/21/2016

Red 2

I remember seeing Red when it came out on DVD but I can’t remember if I saw it it on TV or what. I don’t think I saw it in theaters but regardless, I watched it because I had heard it was a comic book first. I still haven’t read Ellis’ original. I never saw the sequel probably because there were other things to watch and my enthusiasm for Bruce Willis was dampened by Kevin Smith’s stories. However, it was free this past week and I checked it out and I really liked it. Part of what makes the Red movies work is the ensemble cast. John Malkovich in particular knocks it out of the park in every scene but Helen Mirren, Mary-Louise Parker and Anthony Hopkins excel as well. I’ll definitely be sticking around for the sequel this time.


The Revenant

I kind of thought I knew what to expect when I went to the Revenant. Leonardo DiCaprio has been very particular with the movies he has chosen in the later part of his career. They are usually period and deal with a lot of good character work and are compelling as hell. So I thought I kind of knew what to expect from the Revenant but I was wrong. The movie is one of the most powerful movies I’ve seen lately which is really saying something. The movie is beautifully shot and the sound is so crisp and clear that I was a bit staggered at first. The characters are so strong that a lot is done with such little dialog. I don’t want to give much away but it’s been clear for quite some time that DiCaprio has come a long way since the dark days of Titanic. However, as good as the movie was, I can’t bring myself to watch it again. It’s a lot to take in.



White House Down

I watched the other similar movie, Olympus Has Fallen in theaters and I felt that my quota for White House invasion movies was satisfied for a while. White House Down looked less serious and I just didn’t get to see it. I guess I was expecting a movie like Rush Hour but with the Secret Service. That wouldn’t be too bad, it’s just what I expected. What I got instead was something more in the ballpark of Air Force One and Die Hard with a Vengeance. Actually, there wasn’t a whole lot of humor even if it is lighter than Olympus Has Fallen. However, the movie was fun to watch as Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum really focused in and each gave a good performance. Everybody else did a really good job too but I want to especially single out Joey King. King is a great child actress who does a lot to move the plot along. It was a great movie.

Links of the Week:
A Tale of Alan Rickman (RIP)
SkiFree in Real Life
The Eagles – Take it Easy (RIP Glenn)
Eluveitie – The Call of the Mountains
The Eric Andre Show – New Yorker Monologue

Weekly Updates:
– Gearing up for the A to Z Challenge again
– Weird that Bowie and Rickman both died at 69
– Agent Carter is still so good
– The Captain America documentary was excellent too
– Suicide Squad is getting a lot of flak already
– Deadpool is gonna be awesome


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