Jack Frost 2: Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman

So I’ve spent the last few days digging out of my house and clearing my car as we had some epic snow dumped on us. It’s January 2016 and apparently we give names to snow storms now which is kind of silly. We got hit with a heck of a blizzard and I am sitting here a little jealous as I hear cars on 83 but we’re still not dug out of our little corner of Baltimore City. I hate snow. I used to love it when I was a kid, before I was expected to shovel it. Eventually shoveling canceled out the joy I got from having a snow day off from work or school. So if I’m going to hate snow, I might as well revisit a ridiculous movie franchise I started to cover last Halloween. I am waiting for the plows to come before I can really go anywhere and I still have plenty of food in the kitchen. So why not pop in Jack Frost 2 and see what happens?

The low budget horror is back in full force from the get go as we start out by rehashing the plot of the first one. If you remember, we got the very first recorded incident of a psycho killer colliding with science mumbo jumbo and snow and becoming a killer snowman instead of a glowing puddle of viscera. He was stopped by a small town sheriff instead of federal agents because corruption or karma or something. So, because they didn’t actually destroy the world’s most psychotic  snowman, they have to fight him again. Because sequel. Also, as a public service announcement, this is not a sequel to the Michael Keaton movie of the same name. That movie was too scary for a sequel.


I love comedic horror movies because the horror is somewhat defused by the comedy. The Jack Frost series takes a different tactic. There’s not really anything funny around so they just make things silly instead and they don’t really approach anything scary either. I really just like to imagine Scott MacDonald sitting in a recording booth and giving the most bored takes of a serial killer snowman offing people one by one. It actually makes it funnier to me in an offbeat sort of way to hear the killer talking to himself or his victims like he’s looking for that certain book at the library. All of the potential victims are some of the dumbest, most killable people you’ve ever met which is probably saying something. Of course, I don’t know who you’ve met.

Once again, the animation is ridiculously cheap which is kind of funny in a children-playing-in-a-barn kind of way. The gore feels stepped up in this one and it feels like they’re really leaning into the comedy with the deaths this time. This is a silly killer snowman movie and everybody knows it so there’s no use trying to gussy it up into a serious horror movie. This is a Looney Tunes horror movie if death and dismemberment were permanent and snowmen were deadly. The only technical aspect that kind of annoyed me was that when they went to handheld, the cameraman’s hands must have had a tremor. Steadicams must have been beyond their minimal budget which is actually a minor complaint when I think of all the horrible movies I’ve seen.

All in all this was a dumb movie that wasn’t scary but was kind of funny in a B-Movie kind of way. Of course, I didn’t expect the giant homage to Gremlins. It ended up being the perfect movie to watch at the end of a snowy couple of days because I was shocked to find out that it is set in the Bahamas. It was filmed in California with no establishing shots of anything but at least I got to see snow kill a bunch of lemmings who didn’t have to shovel their walks.

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