Media Update 1/28/2016

Outrageous Acts of Science

So, sometimes when I’m watching videos on youtube or playing video games, I leave the television on mute in the background. Often I leave it on Law and Order: SVU marathons but sometimes I leave it on the Science channel. This is how I discovered Outrageous Acts of Science and I was curious so I unmuted. With the fall of Mythbusters, I’m interested in practical science shows. Nothing could ever replace Adam and Jamie but shows in a similar vein are always interesting. So basically, the show presents the viewer with short video clips and then a panel of actual scientists examine the science behind what we just saw. It often examines viral videos and examines whether they are real or faked and the science behind them. The science is always interesting and it is bite-sized and easy to digest.

The Magicians

I’ve been seeing promos for this show for weeks now and I was really interested based on the special effects. Anybody who might have read my blog in the past two years (or the archives in the future) should really know by now that I love world-building. It won’t necessarily keep me around but world-building really rocks my world. This show has got world-building in spades. The show (and probably the books its based on) are built around a whole system of magic and a lot of characters and details and history. It feels like Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia, Full Metal Alchemist and Dresden Files all mixed together. There is magic, factions, alternate dimensions, demonic extradimensional beasts and a whole lot more. I’m interested to see where this one goes.

The Guild

So I finally get around to seeing this. I’m a fan of Felicia Day although I haven’t really seen her a whole lot. This show was her project from day one and was one of the first experiences I had with programming made to be online. Now that’s becoming the norm but she was a trailblazer back then. I’ve played two MMORPGs and both of which ended badly. People take the games too seriously and tend to pour a lot of time into them. Still, I made friends with people from many different states and we talked a lot. Both games ended because of fights and I wanted to move on. The series hits all the right notes, both positive and negative, about both being in an MMORPG and a geek in general. It’s a weird sense of connected disconnection and Felicia Day captured it perfectly.

Links of the Week:
The Veronicas – Untouched
Jan Quadrant Vincent 16
The Chemical Brothers – Wide Open
20 Years of Pokemon
Paul Rudd vs. Stephen Hawking – Anyone Can Quantum

Weekly Updates:
– I really, really want to see Deadpool in theaters
– Hail Caesar comes out next week
– I’ll review Legends of Tomorrow after more episodes air
– First day without shoveling, to be free again!
– Taking full advantage of WWE Network now
– I have not seen the new X-Files yet
– The Grumpstream was so awesome to watch

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