Comet Girl Pt. 1

Traci took the weight of the plane on her shoulders as they hurtled through the air at a difficult but not impossible speed. She used her shoulders and then her back as her father had taught her because if she used her hands they might go right through the metal skin and she could easily lose control. Spreading out the weight on her shoulders and upper back was a little awkward but it was more effective. She hoped everybody was alright on the plane. She thought she had heard screaming while she chased the plane but it was hard to tell with the thick hull of the plane. At least they weren’t falling as fast anymore and the weather was nice for cruising.

What seemed like an eternity passed as she grew bored of holding up a 367-ton airplane. The airport could not be too far off now, could it?. She had felt the pilots definitely turn toward a specific direction which she guessed was Drake City and the airport was miles north of the city. She suddenly felt an immense vibration and heard the sheer power of the engines. It looked like three out of four engines had turned back on and the plane suddenly felt a lot lighter. She eased off the plane a little bit and it stayed in the air by itself. She smiled and descended to a few feet below the plane. She could probably just fly away now but it was smarter to stick around in case they needed her again.

Traci wished she had brought some of her homework along. She had so much Trigonometry to do and Catcher in the Rye was not going to read itself. Then she had a vision of trying to explain to her teachers how her homework had ended up scattered over half the county. She giggled to herself and figured that homework could wait. It was tough being a secret superhero and a middle school student at the same time. She had tried to keep grades, cheerleading and the friend situation together but when her powers had manifested, cheerleading had to go. It had been mostly replaced with stopping disasters.

Traci’s mom had forbidden her from acting where she would be seen. She was flying now in an all black spandex outfit that was pretty uninspiring. She had cut her blonde hair short so that she could shove it under a black hat. Her mom had even fashioned a pantyhose-like mask to slip over her face so she wouldn’t be recognized. It did help a little with the wind currently blowing in her face but the whole thing was more than a little annoying. Each day she was more done with flying around in stealth mode. She wanted to make a splash and inspire people and maybe get some of the gratitude for saving people.

Traci’s dad had been a hero and very much in the public eye as the Comet. He had all of the same powers as Traci. He could fly, he was super strong, super tough and his senses had been heightened. He worked alongside emergency services in Drake City for years during the eighties but he usually didn’t fight crime. His journals had said that introducing someone with such tremendous power into situations with guns usually didn’t work out right. Besides, cops could usually handle most things professionally. Her dad had been a shining example for everyone to help each other and was always there when things went to hell.

Traci had to rely on journals when it came to her dad because he was missing. He had disappeared over Banks Lake years ago after helping to put out a forest fire. One moment he had been there and the next he had completely vanished and he had stayed vanished. Traci had only vague theories on why he had disappeared. His journals said that he had gotten his powers from a meteor fragment and some live wires. Comet had sounded better than Meteor and the name stuck. Maybe the weird energies from the meteor fragment had caused some sort of science-y thing to make him disappear. It was the best idea she had and that was incredibly frustrating.

Everybody Traci knew thought that her father had run out on his family. Even though Traci knew that wasn’t true, she also knew that the effect was the same either way. She missed her dad. In her spare time, she was working on a costume very much like his. When she thought about these day-saving adventures, she referred to herself as Comet Girl. She knew her mother meant well but she was aching to be free. All she could do was bide her time and keep doing what her father would have done.

The plane suddenly hit Traci in the back of the head as it started to descend toward the airport and Traci rubbed her head and hurried out of the way. She watched for a moment and flew fast in the opposite direction. She smiled to herself at how well she had done saving that plane. She would circle around and sneak back into the city and get to her homework now.

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5 Responses to “Comet Girl Pt. 1”

  1. stardustchaz Says:

    I like this story, it’s very fitting with all of the superhero madness in film and TV but your story and a refreshing lead character and an interesting take on the superhero story. Will you be writing more of Traci’s story? I’d like to see her mothers point of view!


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