Media Update 4/21/16

This is not an A to Z Blogging Challenge post. If you’re looking for that, it was posted earlier and can be found here: Redcross Pt. 5. Tomorrow there will be another A to Z post but for now, here is some of the media I’ve absorbed this week.

Orange is the New Black

So I finally decided to start checking this show out and even though I had a busy weekend, I was able to check out the first three episode. The show was not exactly what I was expecting. The show is basically privileged, preppy white girl goes to prison and gets a rude awakening. By saying this, I am not trying to put it down but this is the basic premise of the show and the non-fiction book the show is based on. So far, I do root for this fish out of water character but I am much more interested in the huge cast of characters around her. As we meet hardened prison characters we also get insight into their past through flashbacks. It is one part Jane Goodall study and one part engaging drama. It is set in prison which is grim and rarely pulls any punches but it is also inspiring and there are some good laughs thrown in to relieve the tension. I love the show so far and I will eventually finish watching all of it.

Better Call Saul

I wrote a long while ago about my adventures of watching Breaking Bad. It was a great show that was well-crafted from a story standpoint and it also had a lot of iconic characters. However, I ended up disliking a lot of Breaking Bad because it felt like they were trying to establish Walter White as a protagonist. It is kind of like trying to establish Sarah as the protagonist of Labyrinth. It just doesn’t work. Now, the way they went at Breaking Bad was not a mistake. It was just not exactly my cup of tea even though I watched all of it except the last handful of episodes. I am only three episodes in but so far it feels like Better Call Saul is not going down that path. They are also taking us on an interesting journey where we are seeing the genesis of a familiar character. I am interested to see where this goes and I am fully ready to check out if the show drifts over toward Breaking Bad territory. There’s no shame in passing up a show if it is not your thing but so far I would recommend it.


It is not too often that I discuss podcasts on here but I had said in an earlier post that I wanted to talk about this. I was introduced to the first season of Serial a few weeks ago when we were travelling to attend my grandmother’s funeral. I had heard a lot about the podcast but I kept putting it off because I like to do things the right way. Of course, sometimes I need a push to actually consume media so this worked out great. Serial is the tale of a young man accused and convicted of murder just outside of my hometown of Baltimore which is also where I currently live. Each episode of the podcast explores a different aspect of the case and points out weirdness, inconsistency and miscellaneous hinkiness that might indicate they convicted the wrong guy. Each episode is thoroughly researched and contains excellent narration laced with recorded interviews or sound clips from the original investigation. If you are at all interested in this then definitely check it out.

Links of the Week:
Sturgill Simpson – Turtles All The Way Down
Charming Disaster – Showgirl
POISONBLACK – Mercury Falling
River – Gentle Giant
2Pac – I Get Around

Weekly Updates:
– I watched a lot of Parks and Rec this week
– I also watched a lot of Daily Show/Nightly Show
– I am so psyched for Captain America: Civil War
– Dr. Strange looks like a fun movie
– This week’s theme is “the legal system”
– I also started watching Lost Girl season 5. Awesome.

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