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Source: Stand By Me.  GIF source:
Source: Stand By Me.  GIF source:
Source: Stand By Me (1986)
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So, I mentioned briefly that there was a reason that I created the Media Update and Why I Love Pro-Wrestling features on this blog. I live and breathe pop culture almost as naturally as I breathe air and walk around. More than that, I absorb and release facts easily like an information sponge. My ADD allows me to watch a lot of stuff while I work on something else without suffering much productivity. So all of the stuff that I watch, read and listen to gets stored away and I slowly fill up like a cup in the rain. It doesn’t take much to fill that cup and soon I can feel myself overflowing.

I have people in this world that I love. When I spend time with these people, I tend to spew forth all of the recently collected pop culture stuff that I have collected. Stories are powerful to me. In fact, I draw a lot of strength from the stories that I read, see and hear every day. But I understand that not everybody needs to hear all of the minutiae I have gathered from these stories. I can often recount plots, characters and dialogue from things I haven’t seen in a long, long time. I don’t want to bother people with this info all of the time so I decided that I would put it into my blog.

I first created Why I Love Pro-Wrestling because I remember explaining the whole Montreal Screwjob to my brother and him nodding but not having time to really get it. I felt the passion of the story inside but I knew that not everybody cares about the same story. So I created Why I Love Pro-Wrestling later that week to try to explain where that passion comes from. I wanted to tell people the stories that had already been told but I realized that there are already biographies and Wikipedia for that. Instead, I started to explain how the stories of the squared circle connected to me. It was and is important for me to explain how the silliness of that artform wormed its way into my consciousness.

For Media Update, I remember discovering the Game Grumps on Youtube and just wanting to tell everybody I met about them. Except, the Game Grumps are kind of a unique show that occupies a certain niche the same way that it’s hard to push somebody into listening to your favorite podcast. I decided that instead of annoying the people in my life so much, I would instead start typing it all out. At first, I just threw things on the page and called it done. Media Update has continued to evolve and I don’t only use it to discuss the things I’m excited about. I use it to get excited about new things. I use it to both to explore and to reminisce. I put things out there in the hopes that one person might visit my site and check out what I’m interested in. I put things out there because I literally cannot stop myself from talking about media.

I will remain passionate about the things the media that I consume. Anyone who has visited my twitter knows I can’t help but live tweet WWE programming. I also constantly search for new music or short films to share on Media Update because it has become organic to do so. One thing I do want to change in the future is that I want to feature YouTube shows on the blog again. I watch a lot of YouTube and it seems a waste to just not talk about it or just explain it away. YouTube is becoming a great platform for new programming that does not work quite like the old stuff did. Twitch, as well, is becoming a viable market for entertainment. I will happily march into the future of movies, television, books, podcasts and music. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you all about it.


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