100 Questions to Ask Each Other #5

And so we reach the end of the 100 questions that Half a 1000 Miles posted a while ago now.  It was a difficult process and I imagine this would have been shorter if I kept it to yes or no answers or I was asked on the spot.  However, I like a good writing challenge.  Anyway, you can check out previous questions and answers here. 1, 2, 3 and 4.

82. Is silence OR a confrontation more uncomfortable?

Both are pretty uncomfortable. Silence means never dealing with the problem and just pushing it away. . Silence is so difficult when you see somebody all the time especially if you love or like them. Silence is the most uncomfortable because I suppose the person you are being silent with does not even know what they did wrong. Confrontation is scary but at least you air your grievance and maybe even see how silly you are being. Best case scenario is they apologize. Best case scenario for silence is that they confront you out of frustration.

83. What is the difference in “remembering” and “not being able to forget”?

When you remember something, a spark goes off in your brain and you are flooded with a memory. It can happen without warning and at the worst times or the best times. One of my favorite positive examples of this in fiction is near the end of Creed. One of the negative examples is the PTSD-like example here. When you can’t forget something, it never really leaves your brain and the emotional and mental weight of it stays with you. Both can be involuntary but not being able to forget is definitely against your will and sounds negative since you would not try to forget positive things.

84. What do you think when you see someone at the grocery store with a lot of coupons?

I usually feel good for them. They had a lot of time on their hands and they are saving money on stuff they actually want. When I get coupons, they usually expire before I run out of whatever they are for or they are for things I don’t want. If you can game the system and use a ton of coupons then that’s great for you and it makes me feel a little envious. Now, I have a feeling that some people might say that they get annoyed at the delay coupons cause but that’s not the case with me. I get annoyed when arguing delays the purchase but not coupons since they are part of the process.

85. Studies have shown that the more creative someone is, the more drama and chaos they will accept as normal in their life. Does that sound right to you?

That does sound right to me. I have had a lot of drama and chaos in parts of my life and especially in friendships. As a writer, I tend to view reality through the lens of fiction and vice versa. I compare my situation with characters in my favorite fiction or my own characters. If they can fight dragons, hunt werewolves and deal with extra-dimensional threats then I can handle a little drama. Of course, sometimes that means I fight when I should run or make peace when I should fight. So it may not always be a good thing but I do take inspiration from my crazy brain and I think of a lot of weird stuff as normal.

86. Do you think positive OR negative consequences would more likely motivate someone to lose 50 pounds?

I think negative consequences would more likely motivate someone to lose 50 pounds. Death or bad health are more of a motivator to me than the vague promise of a relationship or “happiness”. Negative consequences are just more likely and clearly delineated while positive consequences depend on psychological and emotional factors as well. If somebody loses 50 pounds, I cannot promise them it will net them a girlfriend because that is not how it works. I can promise them that if they do not they will continue to wheeze on steps and hills.

87. Would they be more determined to do so if they were given $50,000 if they succeeded OR if there would be a large nude billboard of them all over their hometown if they didn’t?

I honestly do not know. I would be motivated by the 50K just because I could always put that money to good use. The idea of the billboard is chilling but I have to believe it would be torn down or covered up pretty quickly so it would not be a lasting punishment. I might just not lose weight in defiance of somebody threatening me with that to call their bluff. Losing out on a positive thing like all of that money is more likely to crush me than public humiliation. I am used to public humiliation because my broken brain tricks me into experiencing it needlessly a lot anyway.

88. Name something you always do. Name something you never do.

I always write a little every day no matter what it is. I always watch YouTube every day because it is the least stressful content consumption I can think of. I never sing in public. I never go to church.

89. Studies show that contrary to what you might automatically think, when one partner in a marriage travels a lot, it is the partner that stays at home who is more likely to cheat. Do you agree?

Yeah, I would agree with that at least when I think of my experience. A person who is traveling is seeing new sights and meeting people and having a lot of stimuli thrown their way. In the midst of all the interesting things I am doing, I always have home in my thoughts and what I am going to do when I get there. It is easy to think of home romantically when you are away. When you are home and your loved one is abroad, you are seeing the same sights you see every day normally. You make your way through the same experiences and it is easy to get bored. On top of that, the one you love is out in the world having new experiences without you. It makes you long for new experiences.

90. Describe a situation where taking action could cause great potential harm, and not taking action could cause great potential harm.

If I decided to pick a fight with the local bully and I picked up an iron bar when I gave them the impression that it would be a fistfight. I would take them off guard and injure them brutally in an unfair fight and would cause death or massive hospital bills. (Just an example, I don’t fight except in self-defense). If I decided not tell a friend that their back tire was flat and they pulled off without noticing. Their wheel got damaged and they ended up forced to stop and ended up getting hit by another car.

91. Do you think it is more your assigned role to bring excitement OR stability into your relationship?

In my relationships, I think I provide the stability. I am a creature of habit and I tend to schedule things and I work at being dependable. I learn something new every day and I work to better my mind by absorbing news, fiction and general knowledge but it is usually in a set pattern in set locations. I am a nerd and proud of it and I will never be a thrillseeker or a hellraiser and I love that about me. When or if I am in a relationship again, I will always be there when they get home.

92. If you had 6 toes on each foot, would you consider yourself unique OR freaky? Would you hide it OR not hide it?

I would consider having six toes on each foot as a possible evolutionary advantage or at least as a neat and unique oddity. Having six toes is not like having one growing out of the back of your head or having a second face on your stomach. It is more likely to intrigue people than gross them out and I think I would like it. I like being different from everybody else because that is how I feel whether it’s true or not. Confirmation is always a godsend and eagerly anticipated. I would not hide my extra toes and I would proudly go barefoot and explain it to whoever wanted to know about it.

93. Did OJ do it?

I believe he did. First, OJ was on the record as being a serial domestic abuser. Domestic abuse is a personal, emotional crime that turns a relationship of love into one about power. When OJ felt he was losing that power over Nicole, he decided to take the power back forever. Second, there was a ton of DNA evidence and as corrupt as LA cops had been prior to the case, I do not believe they could have planted it all. It was a high profile case and the risk of planting evidence or purposefully contaminating it was too high. There was nothing to be gained from OJ being guilty as the public was initially on his side because he was a celebrity. Third, the defense was not based on reality but instead they focused on wild stories and fiction to cause doubt. Yes, I think he did it.

94. What do you spend too much time perfecting, when it doesn’t require perfection?

E-mail or text correspondence with somebody. Sometimes I will go through three drafts of a text so that I say just the perfect things. What was that text going to say, basically? “Do you want to go to the Orioles game this Friday?” Was that so hard? Yes. Yes it was because sometimes I have trouble connecting with people on a personal level because it makes me nervous sometimes. When it is work, I have the authority to call somebody up and ask them questions but I never want to intrude on a personal level.

95. If she has a habit of not taking a jacket, should he be expected to give her his when it gets cold?

Should he be expected to give her his when it gets cold? No, I believe that if she wanted a jacket she would have remembered to grab one and that is on her. However, I would offer my jacket because it is the nice thing to do. Doing something nice without personal sacrifice is a win-win scenario and a no-brainer when it comes time for a decision. However, nobody should go through life expecting this behavior because they will only get burned. If somebody falls short of your unrealistic expectations, it is only your fault.

96. Do you think you would enjoy jury duty?

I have enjoyed jury duty. In fact, I look forward to jury duty each time it comes around for me. I get to sit in one place and write while I wait and I get to see the inner workings of a trial if I get assigned to a case. It is our civic duty to attend jury duty so why not try and enjoy it instead of fretting about how to get out of it? Sadly, I may soon not be able to get on a jury once I officially become a paralegal as I have heard that is par for the course. One of my most exciting adventures was being on the jury for the Schurick political fraud case. However, every case is a series of stories and insight into other people’s lives.

97. Do you think a job interview simply shows who is good at interviewing OR does it show who is best for the job?

I think it shows the interviewer how quick somebody is on their feet which can qualify them or disqualify them for the job. It is your chance to show that you can answer questions truthfully and show that you are honest. It is your chance to crack a joke and show that you are a positive person. Most importantly, it is a time to show confidence and that is a great intangible that shows you would be good at a job. I think most people can spot those who are just good at interviewing and those people often crash and burn eventually or they run for political office.

98. Why are only storms/tornadoes/floods, etc. referred to as an “Act of God”? Isn’t a beautiful sunny day an Act of God too?

They are all acts of nature rather than acts of a god. However, even legally we use the term “Act of God” so I guess we will keep doing that into the future. Yes, a beautiful day is the other side of the coin of a tornado. You get good days and you get very bad days and you have to learn to not focus on the bad ones more than you have to. Unfortunately, the things we usually call “Acts of God” are horrible and calling them that puts the fault in some invisible man’s hands instead of our own. It helps to not feel guilty during a crisis so you can jut focus on being better.

99. Would you find it much harder to tell someone they hurt your feelings, than that they made you mad?

I would find it harder to tell somebody that they hurt my feelings. I find anger easy although coming down off of it hurts really bad. However, really hurting my feelings is something that would be told through misty eyes and there would be no heat behind it. It is so much easier to be angry.

100. Do you think teachers OR police officers should make more money?

I think teachers should make more money. In a polite, educated society we would not even need police officers but I know that is a more idealized point of view. In reality, teachers put up with a lot of crap dealing with the most emotional and most irrational type of people. Children. They are also tasked with shaping the minds of future citizens. Their efforts are more likely to save lives in the long run. A good teacher is like a proper diet and health care. They can make it less likely for you to get sick or hurt. Police officers are the pills and bandages of our society, scrambling to fix things and lately they hurt things just as much. I think teachers are a more important piece of the puzzle.

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