Media Update 7/7/2016

Commander Holly Plays (With Friends)

Earlier this year I explained that I went to MAGFest 2016 partly for the Commander Holly meet up. Holly Conrad is one of the most positive people I have ever seen on the internet. Holly is a cosplay and prop artist who worked for quite a while doing a lot of great projects and continues to work in that field. Along the way, she married her Australian husbando  Ross O’Donovan, an Australian animator who now works for Game Grumps. She has since started to play games on her channel and they are so entertaining. She often plays alongside her husband Ross or her best friend Kati Schwartz who is a playwright out in Los Angeles. Rarely does she play by herself but that is great because she works really well with others. The power of her positivity is strong. It feels like she always stays happy and positive even when the game gets hard. She talks a lot about her life experiences, the fiction she likes and of course she talks about her birbs. Holly rescues pigeons and maintains over forty animals in the home she shares with Ross. She also does a lot of live streams on Twitch and uses the funds from the streams to help pay for the care and feeding of her birds and cats. I look forward to her videos every day.


I learned about Jack (real name Sean) from watching Markiplier collaborations and found out that Jack has a YouTube channel that is rapidly rising in popularity. Like Mark and the ultra-famous Pewdiepie he is a “Let’s Player”. He has millions of subscribers and, while that does not guarantee quality, I can definitely see why people have flocked to watch his videos. Jack is from Ireland while most YouTubers I watch are from the California area. Jack is incredibly energetic. If you clicked or will click the video above you will be nearly assaulted by Jack’s intro which strikes kind of like lightning. Jack also has a strong positive attitude but it’s often kicked into a higher and faster gear. Jack goes through a lot of videos making jokes, laughing and goodheartedly yelling at enemies. Jack also does a lot of charity, harnessing his high subscriber base for good causes. In fact, his now signature green hair comes from agreeing to dye his hair if enough donations were made. So far from what I’ve seen, Jack does not simply pick the popular games and is pushing himself to play some nostalgic titles or stuff he wants to play. Whatever he plays he makes the most out of it and tends to downplay the negative to have fun.

Game Theory

Matthew Patrick is a fellow former theater guy who got out of school and theater and the jobs were not forthcoming. Unfortunately, I can relate to this completely. As a way to keep busy and to add to his resume, he started to produce videos for the internet. He decided to apply his analytical brain to his old passion of video games. Slowly over time he changed from simply Matthew Patrick to become MatPat, an expert in the ways of YouTube and video games. He pulls apart every little detail in games to come up with theories on what is really going on in them. For instance, he calculated the actual monetary value of Fallout 3’s bottlecaps translated into our world’s economy. He also was able to decode the Five Nights at Freddy plot line from little shreds of evidence and proved that Princess Peach may be behind all the troubles in the Super Mario games. In later days he has started live streaming on a regular basis alongside his wife Stephanie who, while not as experienced with video games, is equally smart as hell. They are both so positive and with a patented “Clap and a Half” they work at deciphering the video games they play live for their audience. They have casually created dozens of memes for their audience to latch onto. I always look forward to the next bit of content from them. They just started a new show called Game Lab where they try to physically do the things video game characters to see if they are possible. You should definitely check him out even if you do not like “Let’s Players”.

Music of the Week:
Portishead – Glory Box
NoFX – The Separation of Church and Skate
MC Esoteric ft. Trademarc – Worst Things First
Megadeth – Symphony Of Destruction
Utada Hikaru – Simple and Clean

Weekly Updates:
– I am halfway through season 3 of Person of Interest and it has been even better
– I am starting to really focus on my annual Halloween project
– This week’s theme is “The Power of Positivity on Youtube”
– I have watched less content this holiday week
– Maybe I can sneak away to watch something good
– I am kind of working on doing more WILPW
– I have so much to talk about in this feature. Stay tuned.
– I kind of want to see Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates and that frightens me
– I blame it on my celebrity crush on the wonderfully awkward Aubrey Plaza


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